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BlogThursday October 15th, 2020

This Vending Machine in Japan Let You…

When traveling to Japan, we may be amazed by their vending machines. Many vending machines in Japan can be easily found in public places. They sell drinks, food, and even books in vending machines.

Use Face to Shop at Vending Machines 

So far, vending machines accept coin payments but a recent innovation has been made by. Dydo. Dydo is a well-known beverage manufacturer in Japan. The vending machine that belongs to Dydo often special, because they often come with a special feature, for example, a machine that can say thank you in Osaka dialect (which is the origin Dydo), and then a machine that provides motivational messages, and even lends you an umbrella when it’s raining.

Now Dydo back with its latest innovation by installing vending machines equipped with facial recognition devices. This facial recognition device is a means of payment because you no longer need to enter coins, you can use your face instead.

A joint Project between Dydo and NEC

This Vending Machine with facial recognition devices is a joint project between Dydo, a beverage manufacturer, and NEC, a giant technology company in Japan. 

Currently, Dydo has equipped its vending machine with NEC Corp.’s Bio-IDiom facial recognition system. Now, customers can start using their faces to buy drinks.

Registering Face and Credit Card

Before authenticating payment using faces, you have to first create an account (via smartphone) and register your face and credit card.

Once registered, the machine will allow you to use your face as a means of payment at Dydo’s vending machine. No more coins, bills, or prepaid IC cards.

The machine will ask you to enter a 4 digit numeric code to complete the payment. This additional procedure is used to protect you from unidentified persons who want to get a free drink.

This vending machine has been used in several offices of Dydo and NEC Corp as part of a 3-month trial. If the project success, they will start making it available to the public.


Photo source: Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

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