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NewsTuesday July 14th, 2020

Facebook Messenger Rooms Can Accommodate for up…

The video call apps gained popularity with the work from home (WFH). At the beginning of work from home policy, the Zoom Video Conferencing is streaking in the middle of the competition. But as time goes, other video conferencing apps are improving their services and tries to give the best too.

Knowing the success of Zoom video conferencing apps, Facebook works hard to refine its Messenger Rooms. Now, the app is ready in the market with the ability to accommodate a video conference for up to 50 people. Mark Zuckerberg released the Messenger Rooms as an optional application for people to have video calls or conference calls during the COVID19 pandemic.

The Facebook Messenger Rooms is a turning point for Mark that known to provide a public platform such as Facebook and Instagram. The Facebook Messenger Rooms is far more private than its former products. People can have a private conversation with friends or colleagues by accessing Messenger Rooms from Facebook.

The Messenger Rooms’s Excellencies 

As the Messenger Rooms now ready in the market, it is important to know what makes it better than the similar apps in the market today. The Messenger Rooms’ main feature is a video call that is considered to be private calls, can be made into public with the app. But still, you have control over whoever you’re allowed to join in the teleconference.

The cooler thing is, you don’t have to register to Facebook to join in the Messenger Rooms’ teleconference. Thus, you will only focus on the Messenger Rooms instead of registering to Facebook and getting distracted with what Facebook serves us. You will only need to share the teleconference link to people you want to invite, the invited person need to click the link to join in the teleconference call.

Some Cool Features in Messenger Rooms

Other than the main feature we mentioned above, the Messenger Rooms offers some other cool features. First, you can kick out participants if he/she did unpleasant things during the teleconference. This feature is helpful to avoid spammer in a public teleconference.

Second, users can enjoy 3D effects for this platform and are equipped with 360 degrees background. Even though you’re in different times and spaces with other participants, you will feel like you have a face to face telecommunication with other participants.

Later, the Messenger Rooms will be connected to Portal, WhatsApp, and Instagram Direct. With more complete features, it is not possible to see Messenger Rooms as the most favorite video call app in the future. 

The Messenger Rooms was not meant only for company meetings or conferences, but its usage is way broader than we can think. Students and teachers can use Messenger Rooms to conduct online classes and families can use the Messenger Rooms to meet each other during the quarantine.

Download the Messenger Rooms app now and try its cool features. Even though we separate from each other in time and space, you still can greet and meet your friends and families through the Messenger Rooms at any time.

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