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NewsFriday August 7th, 2020

Know More About AQI July 2020 Edition

Starting from August 3rd, 2020, AsiaQuest Indonesia (AQI) will conduct a sharing event internally entitled ‘Know More About AQI’. The ‘Know More About AQI’ is an online sharing event from the management of AQI for all of the employees. Our management team will share interesting trivia about the company. It is planned that this sharing event will be conducted regularly every Monday during the final week of every month.

This sharing in July 2020, the company shared the information via Google Meets as everyone now in remote working mode. The sharing event lead by our AQI Director, Edy Susanto, who presented interesting information about the company to around 30 participants. Mr. Edy Susanto explained the background behind the sharing event ‘Know More About AQI’, the background history behind the name AsiaQuest, the shareholders, and so on.

Are you interested in knowing more about our company? Let’s check the detailed information below.

Why it is named as AsiaQuest?

Is there any reason why the founder name the company as AsiaQuest? Before answering this question, we should know about AsiaQuest Co., Ltd. AsiaQuest Indonesia is a subsidiary of a Japanese company, AsiaQuest Co., Ltd, located in Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo with Jun Momoi as the Director. In the past, Jun Momoi had a business trip to several countries in Southeast Asian.

After visiting so many countries in the Southeast Asian region, Jun Momoi fell his choice to Indonesia. He saw the business potential in Indonesia and decided to open his subsidiary here. That’s why we have the name AsiaQuest Indonesia as it is located in Indonesia.

Since the beginning of its founding until now, AsiaQuest Indonesia has 3 times changes in management. The latest changes is now the AQI led by director Jun Momoi and Edy Susanto, and Yu Okuno as commissioner. 

Aside from information about the management changes, Mr. Edy Susanto also shared information about the company shareholder. 

We think that the above information about AsiaQuest is enough. Hopefully the ‘Know More About AQI’ will let the team know more about the company. We hope that all of our employees will feel comfortable, actively involved, and innovate, and put a high trust to the company. In this sharing event, the AQI team can also greet each other because for the last 6 months we cannot meet face to face.

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