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DXMonday July 13th, 2020

Leveraging Email Blasting to Increase Sales

One of the basic characteristics of digital transformation is connecting markets with individual customers. Digital transformation allows manufacturers to find more customers to increase sales but at a low cost.

One way to get more customers and increase sales but at a minimal cost is to use email blasting.

What is Email Blasting?

Email blasting is included in email marketing. Email marketing is the most effective way to build connections with customers. Meanwhile, email blasting is an activity of sending email marketing to many people at one time.

Email Blasting for Marketing and Sales Purposes

Email blasting is generally used for marketing or sales or product sales. Email blasting is now commonly used by companies to promote their products.

The easiest example of implementing email blasting is subscribing to a newsletter at an online store. When you decide to subscribe to an email newsletter, it means that you agree that the online store sends email marketing regularly to your inbox.

For businesses, email blasting can be used to increase company sales. For example, if your company sells furniture products, you can send promotional emails through email blasting to your customers.

Email Blasting Covers Very Large Customers

To send email blasting, you can’t do it manually. Manually send emails one by one by typing in the recipient’s email address when sending an email blasting is taking a lot of effort, time, and energy.

Email blasting usually covers larger users, even reaches thousands of customers. To send promotional emails to thousands of customers certainly can not be done manually. Therefore, there are companies that specifically provide email blasting services, such as MailChimp.

Automation in Email Blasting

Then, email marketing containing product promotions in email blasting is also usually sent regularly. It can be once a week, once a day, and some can even send several promotional emails a day. Of course, this will be a burden if companies have to send various promotional emails on a regular basis.

Therefore, automation is used in email blasting. Automation in email blasting is important. Usually, the automation in email blasting is equipped with the latest technological capabilities, for example, automatic email delivery that is adjusted to the behavior of the email recipient. 

Another example is an email that will be sent to the user when the user is active on a smartphone. By doing so, the chance of the email being opened will be even greater. As everyone’s behavior is different, each person will receive the email in a different time span. This is the main trait of automation with analytic technology inside.

Audience Segmentation in Email Blasting

Uniquely, email blasting allows you to create segments for the audience you have. Audience segmentation is more or less intended to divide customers (subscribers) based on certain criteria. 

Audience segmentation aims to provide you with more personalized and relevant promotional e-mails to your customers. Instead of sending promotional emails randomly, the audience segmentation is for a more targeted user so that the chance for emails to be opened and clicked will be bigger.

Performance Analysis in Email Blasting

Besides automation and audience segmentation, email blasting is also provided with other services such as email performance analysis.

Another important component in email blasting is email marketing analysis. What’s the use of sending promotional emails to thousands of customers, if you don’t know how to do afterward? 

After you send a promotional email to thousands of users, then you must know how to analyze email marketing.

Things that you should know are: from thousands to millions of people who subscribe to your promotional e-mail, how many has active e-mails, how many e-mails have sent, to how many e-mails have been opened, to how many customers have clicked on the contents of your promotional e-mail.

By knowing all that, you can get information to determine better steps or promotional strategies in the future. 

For example, promotional e-mails containing traditional wooden furniture are apparently not popular because only a few are clicking the content, and that’s why you should stop sending them. On the other hand, it turns out that the email containing a minimalist modern furniture promotion gets a very large click, that’s why you can increase the contents of the minimalist modern furniture on your email blasting.

Free and Paid Email Blasting Services

To be able to enjoy email blasting, there are two ways, paid and free services. There are several companies that provide email blasting for free but with limited features, for example, MailChimp

Typically, MailChimp customers who enjoy free email blasting, a watermark of MailChimp will be included in the email sent to the customer.

For paid email blasting, companies as the services provider usually charge a monthly or annual subscription fee with a variety of prices and features.

This is an example of using email blasting to increase sales. Email blasting is just one example of utilizing digital transformation in business. To achieve success in sales, you must combine a variety of digital transformation products to get bigger results.

Don’t know where to start? Relax, our expert team at AsiaQuest Indonesia is ready to be your ideal partner in implementing digital transformation into your business. We can find which products are suitable to be applied to help you increase sales. What are you waiting for, contact us as soon as possible for an exclusive consultation!

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