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BlogFriday June 4th, 2021

BCA Launches an E-commerce for MSMEs

Ecommerce has proven to be the savior for small industries during the midst of the COVID19 pandemic. That’s why e-commerce and digital technology are the two things that necessary in today’s digital business. If you want to succeed in business, you can’t help but start adopting digital technology.

BCA Launches Ecommerce for MSMEs

The power of digital technology has encouraged one of Indonesia’s largest private banks, Bank BCA, to build an e-commerce for Indonesian local MSMEs. The e-commerce platform is reported to market around 18,000 local Indonesian MSME products.

The e-commerce for MSMEs by Bank BCA is called the BCA UMKM Fest and has been officially launched on April 16, 2021. Bank BCA revealed that the BCA UMKM Fest is specifically designed for MSME businessmen who are not yet skilled at current existing e-commerce sites.

No less than 1,500 MSMEs will join the BCA UMKM Fest platform after passing the curation session. Bank BCA expressed its desire for MSME to increase sales through its new platform. 

Provide Online Payment

The e-commerce for MSMEs by Bank BCA supports online payments and delivery to homes. For online payments, the available methods are card payment and online payment with BCA. As for shipping, currently, there are two courier services that support the BCA UMKM Fest.

Is it Easy to Create an Ecommerce Platform?

The world of the internet has developed so rapidly and everyone now has access to the internet with smartphones. It is an opportunity for every businessman to market its products and services online.

You can also create your e-commerce sites. If you have a selling product that you think has the potential to be placed in a larger market, there is no better way than to put it in the online market.

Create your own e-commerce sites and start selling products and services online. Reach a wider market by utilizing an internet network that is connected to the whole world. 

If you feel you can’t do it alone, then you can always ask other companies for help. Go to a trusted and experienced IT consultant and ask for help with developing an e-commerce website, mobile application, or assistance in internet marketing. And for all of these services, AsiaQuest Indonesia as a trusted and experienced IT consultant is always ready to help you! Contact us now to find out more details about the services we provide.


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