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NewsMonday December 14th, 2020

Tips in Choosing eCommerce Development Company

E-commerce has survived the economic downturn due to the pandemic. Instead of going bankrupt, e-commerce in Indonesia has grown rapidly to the point that many have received funding from foreign investors such as Google and Microsoft. Therefore, it is no surprise if companies are starting to look for web development companies to start an e-commerce project.

If you are interested in e-commerce too, we have prepared a special review on tips for choosing a web development company for your e-commerce project. You can also use this article as a reference for choosing an IT company that serves the best e-commerce web development in Indonesia.

Please check the full review below. 


(1) Check their portfolio!

If you want to know the details of a company’s services, check the company’s portfolio. From this portfolio, you can see the services, cases, and solutions offered. You can also check whether the solution offered by the company suits your goals and needs. 

Most importantly, what technology does the web development company have? Technology is always evolving so it is important to find out whether the IT company is up to date with technological developments or not.


(2) Read Testimonials and Reviews

Currently, there are quite a number of companies that attach testimonials and reviews from their clients on the official company website. You can take this information into consideration to determine the credibility and ability of the company’s IT experts. 

Or, you can also ask business partners who are experienced in e-commerce. Ask them for recommendations of eCommerce Development Company. We understand this is the 20th century, but word of mouth is still effective. 


(3) Cross-check on The Development Process

After examining the outside points, you are one step closer to finding an eCommerce Development Company. Next, make sure to cross-check the development process. 

You have to check whether the development process is in line with the timeline or not. Then, is the technology used is suitable for the conditions and needs of the company? Since this process is vital, you should absolutely confirm the development process in detail. 


(4) Companies with Good Communication Systems

No matter how good the technology and IT experts you have, a company with a good communication system can influence the success of the project. Therefore, you should choose a company that offers a fast, practical, and open communication system. 

If necessary, look for companies that offer multilingual services. Especially if there are foreign employees on your team. This can reduce the risk of miscommunication in the future. 


(5) Finally, Choose the One with a Clear Payment System! 

After all the technical matters have been checked, you can move on to the payment system step. This point is also important so be extra careful. We don’t want you to fall victim to fraud due to inaccuracy. 

Check the cost for each service and don’t let any additional payments outside the agreement. This action is very effective in keeping out wayward companies that are looking for opportunities in a tight spot. 


IT Consulting Firm Serving E-commerce Web Development?

If you are looking for a trusted IT company that serves e-commerce development in Jakarta or Yogyakarta, you can pick AsiaQuest Indonesia (AQI). AQI is an IT consulting company from Japan adopting One-Stop Service (OSS) business models. The Japanese IT consulting company has a clear project portfolio and payment method, as well as a practical and easy Japanese communication system.

Our team can communicate in three languages, namely Japanese, English, and Indonesian. Our development system is clear and fast. The web development process, which generally takes up to six months, can be completed in just half the time, depending on the type of project. For details, please communicate in advance with our team.



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