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NewsWednesday March 17th, 2021

Japanese Startup Review: E-commerce Platform by Base

A Japanese startup, Base has managed to come up with a brilliant idea in creating an e-commerce platform. Developing an e-commerce platform is a great idea for current pandemic situations where e-commerce shows significant growth. What Base has created has allowed people to create their own e-commerce platform easily and conveniently.

A short story, the BASE was created from a project called the Liverty Project with the members being IT experts in Japan. This team of IT experts is behind Base App. With Base App, businessmen can create e-commerce with the domain of their choices for free.

Businessmen can register their business to the platform, enjoying SEO services and online payment systems. In addition, Base App offers features that allow businesses to design their own logos, offering discounts, and so on.

A Platform with Plentiful Services Available

In the future, Base App will ask various parties to collaborate with them in maintaining the operations of this e-commerce platform. In that way, even when businesses don’t have adequate resources that are capable of maintaining their e-commerce operations, their online business can still run. The base will also offer services in designing and creating logos, as well as logistics services procurement by collaborating with third parties. Businesses will only need to provide products and run businesses without the hassle of looking for human resources.

As stated in, the CEO of Base, Yuta Tsuruoka stated that they will continuously upgrade the features. Thus, Base App will be the platform that will upgrade its features every week. This is aimed to improve the services to the customer so that they can enjoy the e-commerce platform conveniently.

The idea of the Base App was first inspired by Shopify. Shopify is a giant e-commerce platform that successfully gains millions of dollars from selling plugins. In Base App, users must pay for additional plug-ins they wish to install. Meanwhile, Base App also provides basic features for free.


Photo by 2012 – 2021 BASE, Inc.


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