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NewsFriday September 25th, 2020

Halodoc is the only startup in Southeast…

Halodoc has just made a proud achievement as this health-tech startup is the only startup in Southeast Asia that are on the Digital Health 150 list initiated by the CB Insights. Halodoc has been on this list for two consecutive years since 2019.

All the companies that are on the Digital Health 150 list must eligible with the factors set by CB Insights. As quoted from, the research team has set hundreds of indicators in evaluating hundreds of mobile applications, such as media reporting, market potential, technology innovations, mosaic score, and so on.

Halodoc Provides Prevalent Health Services Throughout Indonesia

The Digital Health 150 list is awarded to private owned startup in the whole world that constantly creates innovations, especially in healthcare services. Halodoc is on the list because it constantly provides prevalent health services to all of the communities in Indonesia.

Now, with Halodoc, say goodbye to the old times when accessing health facilities is costly with complex procedures. Halodoc has succeeded in digitizing health services in Indonesia. This digitization has brought doctors and patients closer where app users can have a health consultation with a doctor through the chat in the app, make appointments with doctors online. No longer come to a clinic or hospital to consult with a doctor.

Thanks to these innovations by Halodoc that no wonder they are listed in the Digital Health 150. Indonesian community should be proud of this achievement because Halodoc is a local startup to compete with startup companies from 18 countries. These 18 countries include the USA, Israel, France, UK, China, and so on.

Seeing the success story from Halodoc shall be a good example for other local startups to be more competitive given that the opportunity to join the global competition is immense. Halodoc is a real prove that local startup can win the competition over companies in the developed countries. With constant innovation and competitiveness, every local startup can achieve a similar success story in the future.

News Friday September 25th, 2020
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