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NewsWednesday October 21st, 2020

Digital Transformation in Banking: Customer is No.…

The main key to the success of digital transformation in banking does not merely rely on the technology used. However, companies must be prepared to make a change in mindset and business behavior as a whole. If these two things can be carried out simultaneously, the digital transformation of a company can be said to be 100% successful. After adopting a new mindset and behavior, it is hoped that banks can also focus on customers (customer-oriented).  

All of the above things are impossible to achieve if the company is lacks of qualified human resources. Therefore, banking companies must also find ways to produce talented human resources capable of carrying out digitization. 

Then, what kind of services does customer-oriented are? 

You must pay attention to needs, innovation, and user experience (customer convenience). One of the stimuli to achieve this goal is healthy competition between companies. According to the Assistant to the Governor of Bank Indonesia, Filianingsih Hendarta, this competition is not a one-on-one competition. However, the healthy competition of all banking companies can be called a collaboration. According to him, a similar collaboration had been done before and succeeded in increasing customer transactions by up to 20%. 

With healthy competition, every company will continue to innovate to develop its products. This also relates to the development of products with quality above the standard human needs.  

Apart from that, you cannot forget the customers’ needs. The company is in charge of conducting market research and finding products that are needed. If the product has been created, the company must also think about marketing methods to guide the customers in buying their products.  

Success in carrying out these three criteria indicates that banking companies have succeeded in carrying out a pro-consumer digital transformation. 



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