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NewsWednesday August 12th, 2020

When Jokowi Lit the Green Light for…

The government seems to be sure that digital transformation might be the solution to restore the economy in Indonesia post covid19 outbreak. President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) lit the green light for digital transformation in Indonesia on a closed meeting in Istana Merdeka concerning Digital Transformation Planning. Jokowi urges that the arrangement of digital transformation roadmap is right on target.

As quoted from, Jokowi revealed that the roadmap should have aimed at strategic sectors. The strategic areas he mentioned are the trade industry, government, healthcare, education, social aid program, public services, and broadcasting sector. 

Furthermore, the president has also emphasized the importance of having a precise benefit/use in the digital transformation infrastructure. Do not let the digital infrastructure built have no positive impact on the community.

Why does Indonesia Urge to Adopt Digital Transformation?

The president has a strong reason why the digital transformation should immediately be taken seriously. It becomes more potent when the covid19 outbreak has changed the community lifestyle that the business sectors should have captured this moment and follow the trend.

The community that formerly learn, shopping, and working offline, are now shifting to the online lifestyle. Hence, Indonesia needs adequate infrastructure to accommodate community needs.

This decision appears to be in line with the agreement between Japan and ASEAN countries to adopt digital transformation. On 30 July 2020, during a teleconference meeting, Japan Minister of Economy and ASEAN countries have discussed the adoption of digital transformation in companies in the ASEAN countries.

Japan, through the Japanese companies, are ready to share their knowledge and experience regarding digital transformation technology to IT experts in ASEAN countries, including Indonesia. For the detailed news, please read our explanation in “Japan Ready To Help Inducing Digital Transformation In ASEAN.” 

Adequate digital infrastructure will help IT-tech startups to grow well in Indonesia. Thus, these startups can help the government in restoring the economy in the future.

News Thursday August 6th, 2020
Japan Ready to Help Inducing Digital Transformation in ASEAN

Japan and ASEAN countries agreed to restore…

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