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NewsThursday October 15th, 2020

Step by Step in Sharing Files via…

Whether we realize it or not, the use of Dropbox is increasing during the COVID19 pandemic. Thanks to Dropbox, sharing files and folders with colleagues and clients can be done in an easy step. Dropbox has been with us since a long time ago, but for some people, Dropbox might be new to them. Therefore, we will share the step by step in sharing files via Dropbox below.

First, keep in mind that sharing files and folders via Dropbox is different according to what devices you use Dropbox, is it on computers, mobile phones, browsers, menu bars, or Dropbox desktop app. However, this time we will share the step by step of file and folder sharing via Dropbox PC and mobile.

Sharing Files via Dropbox PC

  1. First, open the Dropbox folder on the computer.
  2. Find the file and folder to be shared, right-click on file or folder, and select ‘Share’. 
  3. Input details of file and folder destination, such as emails, name, or group. 
  4. If you’re done inputting details, select ‘share’. Colleagues or clients will receive emails containing links to access the folders and files.

Sharing Files via Dropbox Mobile

  1. Tap ‘File’ on the bottom part of the phone. 
  2. Find files and folders to be shared, select … (ellipse symbol). On an Android phone, this symbol is beside the file, while on an iPad or iPhone, it is located below the file. 
  3. Select ‘share’, fil in the email, name, or group as the destination of the file.  
  4. Finally, tap on ‘share’. Email receiver will get the link to the file and folder.

Very easy, right? Hopefully, the above information helpful enough for you! 



Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash


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