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NewsFriday February 19th, 2021

Digitalization of SPBU in All Around Indonesia

Telkom (PT Telkom Indonesia) together with Pertamina (PT Pertamina Persero) will soon finish the digitalization program for SPBU (Pertamina Petrol Station) throughout Indonesia. The digitalization program aims to increase the quality of the services to the public society and ensure that BBM (petrol) distribution can run effectively and efficiently.

Digitalization of SPBU

The digitalization of SPBU covers system establishment intended for real-time monitoring of the distribution and BBM sales transactions in each SPBU. It is expected that the program can increase the services and operational standards.  

Digitalization of SPBU by Pertamina and Telkom can ease Pertamina in monitoring the stock and sales of the petrol (BBM), payment transaction in SPBU, and manage the distribution of subsidized petrol.

The digital data collected can be accessed by important ministries such as the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises, the Ministry of Finance, and the Agency’s Governing Body downstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas). It is hoped that these parties can support each other to supervise the distribution of petrol includes subsidized ones such as Bio Solar (B30) and Premium.

Features in the Digitalization of SPBU

There are several features developed in the digitalization of SPBU, such as pre-purchase, cashless payment, records for vehicle registration plates that buy the subsidized petrol, profiling customers for a loyalty program through the MyPertamina mobile app. 

The Benefit of the Digitalization of SPBU 

The digitalization of SPBU will give benefit such as the following:

  • Monitoring of the petrol distribution and stock management
  • Monitoring of the transaction for all of the petrol products
  • The distribution of subsidized petrol is right on target

Meanwhile, for Indonesian society, the digitalization of SPBU will give benefit such as the following: 

  • To ease the society in obtaining information about petrol and loyalty program through the MyPertamina mobile app.
  • To conduct a cashless transaction
  • Optimizing the State Budget that right on volume and right on target

The digitalization of SPBU has Started in 2018

Now that the digitalization of SPBU has completed, we might wonder when the digitalization program is started. Well, actually the digitalization program has started in 2018. So it is not a short time work as it has been started since 2 years ago.

Now the digitalization program has complete 100%. It is hoped that the program can bring significant benefits for everyone.

Support from Telkom on the Digitalization of SPBU

The collaboration between Telkom and Pertamina is part of the synergy between the State-owned Enterprises (BUMN). However, the following is the role and support from Telkom for the digitalization of SPBU: 

  • Provide telecommunication infrastructure through fixed network, mobile, and satellite.
  • Provide the EDC devices (electronic data capture)
  • Prepare 290 agent contact center and 600 field officer to handle complaints on SPBU services
  • Establish a command center to monitor devices in SPBU

It is expected that digitalization will not only performed in SPBU but also in other industries to increase the value of the state-owned enterprises, support the cashless transaction to support the digital economy.

Support from Private Company for Digitalization in Indonesia

The government continues to support the digitalization program in various sectors and industries. For this, actually, there are a lot of private companies in Indonesia that ready to support the digitalization program in various sectors and industries.

For example, AsiaQuest Indonesia, a private company and experienced IT consulting firm, that fully supports the digitalization program in Indonesia. Therefore, AsiaQuest Indonesia committed to helping companies digitalizing their businesses.

We offer Japanese standard products and services so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.  


Photo by Diego Carneiro on Unsplash

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