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NewsFriday September 25th, 2020

Youtap Indonesia Helps Digitalization of MSMEs in…

Youtap Indonesia is working with the Semarang City Government to digitize MSMEs in Semarang. This cooperation is considered relevant to the needs of the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, people need a contactless transaction system to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. For this reason, Youtap Indonesia created the Youtap application to let sellers in the market and the street vendors manage their business digitally. 

This Youtap application has excellent use and features. You can download this application on a smartphone and it can be operated easily. Thus, the Youtap app can be used by all people, including sellers who are unfamiliar with advanced technology. 

The Excellencies of the Youtap Application for MSMEs in Semarang

Besides, the Youtap app has features to increase productivity and efficiency in a business. You can use this application to manage products and record sales. In other words, you can practically organize product catalogs and finances. 

Record products and sales digitally can help sellers in tracking. Sellers can also reduce the risk of embezzlement with digitized data. All data will be stored in the application and is easy to find again when needed. 

However, the main advantage of this application is that you can use it for non-cash transactions. The Youtap application has a virtual cashier that accepts transactions online and offline. With online payments, the application fits perfectly with the new normal lifestyle, a contactless lifestyle. 

For this reason, the Youtap application has been used by 40 merchant ecosystems in Semarang. Merchant ecosystems that have used this application, for example; Simpang 5 street vendors, Peterongan Market, Kota Lama street vendors, Imam Barjo street vendors, and Kalisari street vendors. This number is believed to continue to grow considering a large amount of business migration from offline to online that is currently happening in the community. 

Furthermore, the Youtap application is believed to be able to help MSMEs in Semarang to continue to survive facing times. The app can also boost the wheels of the economy in Semarang to keep spinning. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic is still around us, life must continue to survive, right? 

For complete information, please visit the official Youtap Indonesia website




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