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NewsMonday August 10th, 2020

Digital Wallet from State-owned Company Gaining Profit…

A digital wallet (also known as an e-wallet) is one of the many sectors that receiving a blessing in disguise. The COVID19 outbreak has increased the need for a contactless transaction. Thus, a digital wallet is one of the safest transactions method now.

Aside from choosing the digital wallet from a private company, a digital wallet from a state-owned company also preferred by many—for example, LinkAja. They record a spike in transactions during the COVID19 outbreak.

For details, the transactions they record are double for yearly top-up frequency in LinkAja. While then, the volume of sales is rising eight times bigger than before. As quoted from, LinkAja top-up activity from the BRI bank account is reaching 181 percent!

The increase of LinkAja transactions for Bank Mandiri and BNI customers

It is not only Bank BRI who recorded an increase, but Bank Mandiri and Bank BNI have also reported the same conditions. Top-up LinkAja account via Bank Mandiri is reaching Rp 600 billion per May 2020. While in Bank BNI, they said that 50.000 agen46 had done transactions with LinkAja.

The rise in digital wallet transactions is due to the implementation of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB). The community preferred to choose the contactless non-cash transactions to reduce the risk of being exposed by the new coronavirus. Besides that, this kind of digital wallet transactions can be done anywhere at any time.

Moreover, the LinkAja transactions are predicted to keep on rising when the new normal rule is applied. The community now has understood that it is more comfortable to use the digital wallet as a means of payment. It is in line with the government’s desire to increase the cashless transactions.

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