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NewsThursday December 3rd, 2020

Facial Verification ID in Singapore

Singapore is an Asian country that has never failed us in the use of advanced technology. Now, Singapore is known to be the first country to use facial verification on behalf of its citizen security. The facial verification feature is integrated into a Singaporean digital ID called the SingPass. The authorities can check the authenticity of an ID by using facial verification.

The cloud-based technology allows the ID card owner to access various services, private and public, in a safe and convenient way. An example of services that can be accessed using this SingPass is banking apps, phone access, taxation branch offices, and others. DBS bank is one of the several banks that integrate their system to this facial verification ID. The Singaporean famous bank allowing the use of facial verification to open a digital banking account.

In the beginning, this feature is on trial on a bank, however, it was then released for masses use all over the country. Although the features surely have excellencies, however, the activation of these features needs approval and voluntary will from its people. The feature will never be used recklessly and confidentiality is guaranteed. 


The Excellencies of Facial Verification on Singaporean IDs

The reported that this facial verification simplifies the work of authorities to authenticate in several conditions. First, technology can verify students who take exams without being represented

Second, this technology is the right medium to supervise sensitive areas such as port and mass transport vehicles. Besides that, it can benefit businessmen because they don’t have to build infrastructure alone. In the future, companies can check data without the need to collect biometric data.

The government gives freedom for the private institution in leveraging this technology. However, private institutions must obtain approval from users in every data usage.



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