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BlogMonday January 4th, 2021

4 Museums with Digital Technology in Purwakarta

Museums are always identified as places to store outdated objects from the past. The museum is like a place for us to remember what happened in the past. This concept is often the reason why the museum is less and less getting visitors.

However, some museum is getting better. They are starting to clean up with fresh ideas by equipping themselves with the latest digital technologies to generate interest within visitors in learning from the museum. As did the following museums, which equip themselves with digital technology to attract more visitors to go to the museum.

Bale Indung Rahayu

Bale Indung Rahayu is a museum located in Jalan RE Martadinata Nagri Tengah, Purwakarta District, Purwakarta Regency, Central Java Province.

Bale Indung Rahayu is a museum with a strong sense of Sundanese culture. The name Bale Indung Rahayu means ‘the glory place of mother’. This museum tells about the journey of human life by specifically explaining the role of a mother.

The museum is equipped with digital technology to help visitors get information in a more enjoyable way. 

Bale Panyawangan Purwakarta Diorama

Bale Panyawangan Purwakarta Diorama is a museum that aims to educate people about Sundanese history, The Indonesian National history, and Purwakarta history. This museum also contains information about Purwarkarta officials from time to time.

Similar to Bale Indung Rahayu, this museum is equipped with digital technology to make the museum more attractive and visitors don’t get bored quickly when traveling while learning history from the museum.

If you happen to be in Purwakarta, don’t forget to stop by to this museum. The Bale Panyawangan Purwakarta Diorama Museum is located on Jalan KK Singawinata, Nagri Tengah, Purwakarta District, Purwakarta Regency, Central Java.

Try to visit Bale Panyawangan Purwakarta to try the virtual walks by riding a bicycle around Purwakarta. This museum is free of charge.

Bale Panyawangan Diorama Nusantara

Bale Panyawangan Diorama Nusantara is a historical tourism museum of the Indonesian archipelago. In this museum, the history of the Indonesian archipelago from prehistoric times, kingdoms, colonization, independence, to the present day is beautifully displayed.

Bale Panyawangan Diorama Nusantara utilizes digital technology in displaying museum content, for example, video mapping, touch screens, digital books, and also entertainment facilities in the form of virtual walks using the coach (kereta kencana/kereta kuda).

If you are in Purwakarta, please visit this museum. It is located near the Purwakarta station, to be exact is on Jalan KK Singawinata, Nagri Tengah, Purwakarta District, Purwakarta Regency. Visitors are not charged an entrance fee.

Wayang Gallery

Wayang Gallery is a museum that displays information about the Indonesian wayang, such as the wayang Betawi, wayang cepak cirebon, wayang suket, and wayang Klitik Surabaya.

If you want to learn the Indonesian wayang, don’t forget to visit the Wayang Gallery in Purwakarta. This museum is located in the Purwakarta Regional Government Complex, Jalan Gandanegara 25, Nagri Kidul, Purwakarta District, Purwakarta Regency.

The puppets in this gallery can be played by visitors. There are several types of puppets that you can try, such as wayang kulit, wayang golek, and topeng wayang orang. When visiting the Wayang Gallery, visitors will not be charged an entrance free.

Photo by Zalfa Imani on Unsplash

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