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NewsFriday June 4th, 2021

Digital Marketing is the Secret to Online…

Digital marketing has proven to be the secret to online business success, especially in times of the current pandemic. Optimizing sales digitally is helpful for businesses that are stagnating in difficult times like today.

The pandemic has driven greater opportunities for businesses to innovate and adapt to digital technology. However, not everyone can quickly understand what is a business digital technology,  and let alone apply it in daily business.

When you first start an online business, it will not be easy. There are many steps and preparations to go through. If you want to be successful in doing business online, you should have a good digital marketing strategy to avoid picking the wrong path.

Digital marketing strategy 

Broadly speaking, the digital marketing strategy covers two things, digital marketing that is unpaid (organic) and digital marketing that is paid.

Examples of (unpaid) organic digital marketing are blog posts, Facebook posts, Twitter, and Instagram. Meanwhile, an example of paid digital marketing is advertising posts on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, etc.

Both paid and unpaid digital marketing require good, straightforward copywriting techniques. Combining both organic and non-organic digital marketing techniques will generate extraordinary output.

Optimizing Social Media for Promotion

Social Media several years ago may have contained meaningless personal chatter, and over time it tended to become ‘trashy/junk contents’. But now social media today has gone further as it is now being used as a promotional platform. People can still post ‘trashy/junk contents’, but those who are smart will take advantage of social media for commercial gain.

Social media is very closely related to digital marketing strategies, it may even be the core of digital marketing itself. Marketing products on digital platforms have become a necessity for every business that wishes to survive the crisis caused by the COVID19 pandemic.

Social media is the closest platform to us that can be used for free or paid. The impact on each type of usage depends on the optimization steps you take. If you want social media to function optimally to encourage online business success, then you must know the tools to support the performance of social media.

These tools include:

  1. Content Management System (CMS), whose function is to help you manage digital content. You can add content, edit, and publish new content every day with the help of a CMS.
  2. SEO and Analytics will make your website or post on social media easier to be indexed on Google and get good traffic. Analytics helps you to attract the right type of audience so you don’t pitch the wrong target.
  3. Automation in email Marketing helps you manage email responses so that you can communicate well with customers. Email marketing that will automatically send promotional content can also be created with paid platforms such as MailChimp or fully customized by coding provided by website development companies, such as AsiaQuest Indonesia.

The steps above, whether creating a CMS, SEO services, and analytics or creating automated email marketing for promotion to customers, can increase sales and in itself will increase the success of your online business.

If you can’t do all of the above yourself, then you can always ask a web development company for help. AsiaQuest Indonesia, as a web development company from Japan, has years of experience in developing websites, web systems, mobile apps, etc. 

You can always contact us and ask for detailed information about the services we provide.


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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