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NewsWednesday November 11th, 2020

Telkom Strategies to Build Indonesia’s Digital Economy

Digital transformation is a hot issue in Indonesia. Government and private institutions are flocking try to upgrade their systems to be more digitally-friendly. The effort is carried out with the hope that they can compete with other companies that have adopted the digital transformation. Telkom Indonesia also prepared 3 strategies to build Indonesia’s digital economy. 

Through an event held at the Aryaduta Hotel on January 28, 2020, SVP Media and Digital Business & Pgs. EGM Digital Services Division of Telkom Indonesia, Joddy Hernady, presented Telkom’s strategy and innovation to build the digital economy in Indonesia. 

What are Telkom’s strategies to build the digital economy in Indonesia? 


Digitalization Readiness in Indonesia

Before moving further, we need to see how digitalization is carried out in other countries. How ready is Indonesia to carry out digitalization? Based on data, Indonesia’s digital maturity is at the intermediate level in 2018. Also, belong to this group are Vietnam and China. 

A country with digital maturity at the intermediate level is focused on equitable distribution of infrastructure and improving digital skills. Then, what about Digital CX in Indonesia? Most companies in Indonesia focus on mobile platforms and app-based services. 

Meanwhile, countries with digital maturity at the advanced level, such as Japan, Sweden, Singapore, and the United States. These countries focus on innovation, security, and infrastructure renewal. 


3 Strategies to Build Indonesia’s Digital Economy based on Telkom

Indonesia has prepared three strategies to build Indonesia’s digital economy, including digitization, digitalization, and new ways of working. Please read the details in full below. 

1. Digitization

Telkom will focus on changing the company from analog to digital. This strategy is based on three main steps, including digitization on operational (automation), back-end functions transformation, and the digital touchpoint customer interface. 


2. Digitalization

The second strategy is to build a digital business. This strategy can be done in several ways, such as data connectivity, digital platforms, and digital services. A company must have a qualified digital infrastructure to build a successful digital business. 


3. New Ways of Working

After acquiring better infrastructure and systems, we must implement new ways of working. Apart from human resources, the organization and work culture must also be changed to the new system. Companies need to produce IT talents and leaders who can determine the company’s digital future. 

Then, what about work culture? We need to carry a work culture where we embrace the full innovation in the digital world. And then, the organization must be flexible to change. 

There it is, the 3 strategies to build a digital economy in Indonesia based on Telkom’s vision. Let’s wait for Telkom’s vision and mission for the advancement of Indonesia’s digital economy. 



Photo by Telkom Indonesia Facebook Official Account

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