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BlogMonday October 12th, 2020

5 Apps and Websites that Generate AI…

Other than the now-viral Reface App, it turns out that several other apps and websites generate deep fake videos. Below we have reviewed other apps and websites that can produce deepfake videos by using AI technology and is now available in the market. 

Let’s read the details of the apps and websites one by one below:

1. Zao

Zao is an AI-based deepfake video app that is currently viral in China. Similar to the Reface App, Zao can generate deepfake videos in seconds. Zao provides hundreds of clip videos in their Library, most of them are scenes from the hit film series in China, Big Bang Theory, Hollywood films, and many more.

In just seconds, the Zao app can produce a deepfake video that looks very authentic and smooth, it looked natural. The General Adversarial Network (GAN) used in the Zao app is quite impressive as it can produce deepfake videos quickly with authentic results.

Unfortunately, Zao was only released in China for both the Android and iOS versions. But, people outside China tried a tricky way to download and install the Zao app, but still, it needs a Chinese cellphone number to register.

2. Deepfakes web β

Deepfakes web β is a website that allows users to create deepfake videos using a PC. Deepfakes web β is a web-based app so it will be more comfortable to use a browser when using it.

Deepfakes web β uses deep learning to capture some of the complexity in facial data. Unlike the deepfake mobile apps which only take seconds in creating deepfake videos, the Deepfakes web β takes up to 4 hours to learn and train the machine, then 30 minutes to do face swap. 

Even though Deepfakes web β uses a pretty capable GPU, it turns out that it still takes hours to render all data. This is normal though, making deepfake video is no joke. That’s why the Zao app and the Reface App, which only take seconds to produce deepfake videos, really change everything.

3. AvengeThem

Please don’t misspell it as this is AvengeThem, not Avenger Marvel. AvengeThem is one of the best websites that produce deepfake videos. Just like the Deepfakes web β, AvengeThem is also a web-based app.

AvengeThem allows users to swap their faces with characters in the Marvel Avenger. The results are very good and look authentic. There are about 18 videos in GIF format from the Marvel Cinematic Universe such as Star-Lord, Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America, and many others.

If you are a fan of Avenger MCU, please try the AvengeThem and feel the sensation of being a Superhero!

4. Doublicat 

Doublicat is a deepfake video app that uses RefaceAI and GAN (Generative Adversarial Network). Doublicat uses users’ selfies to create deepfake videos. They provide hundreds of videos and gifs in the Library.

In just seconds, Doublicat produces deepfake videos from the users’ selfies. The results are not perfect, but for a mobile app that can produce deepfake videos in seconds, this is not bad.

5. Machine Tube

Machine Tube is also a website capable of producing deepfake videos. The Machine Tube doesn’t use cloud computing like the Deepfakes webβ, but they rely on the power of personal computer users.

This means, to use the Machine Tube, users must at least have a PC with qualified specifications, for example, a high-capacity and powerful GPU, and at least 2GB of VRAM. It took hours to create a deepfake video, and again, it still depends on the quality of the PC used.

Machine Tube is known to use a very sophisticated deep learning algorithm to process images. Users must at least upload videos, sample images, and then the Machine Tube will start swapping faces. If you’re looking for entertainment or are looking to learn how deepfake videos, you can try the Machine Tube.


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Blog Monday October 12th, 2020
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