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NewsWednesday May 20th, 2020

AsiaQuest supports IT development center operated in…

Strengthen IT development system for practical application of advanced technologies such as AI in the auto loan market.

PT. AQ Business Consulting Indonesia (Head office: Jakarta, Indonesia; CEO: Edy Susanto, hereinafter AQI) is a strategic partner of AsiaQuest Co., Ltd. announced that it will support the operation of the IT Development Center, a joint project between Dipo Star Finance (Mitsubishi Corporation, DSF) and PT. Berlian Sistem Informasi (Mitsubishi Corporation, BSI).

■ Actively using advanced technologies such as AI and image recognition to increase customer satisfaction
Indonesia’s auto loan market provided by DSF is intensifying as gross automotive demand grows. Under these circumstances, in order to further enhance the high presence in the industry, it is essential to further improve customer satisfaction, such as completing loan reviews at a faster speed than before while maintaining accuracy.

Therefore, DSF started operating an IT development center in Yogyakarta, where AQI is based, in collaboration with BSI to strengthen the application of advanced technologies such as AI and image recognition, and the opening ceremony was held on November 15, 2018, has been held.

■ Further strengthening of staff in 2019
DSF plans to further strengthen its IT development efforts in the future and plans to expand the number of staff at the IT Development Center during 2019. In the future, the two companies will work together to create an attractive environment for curious and highly motivated engineers, and to build a system that can quickly provide higher-quality systems while enhancing technical capabilities. As mentioned above, the IT Development Center is committed to actively applying advanced technologies and new development methods.

Source : PR TIMES Inc.

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