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NewsFriday August 7th, 2020

Managing Day-Off Requests with Kintone

In today’s digital era, many companies still rely on excel/spreadsheets to manage general affairs in HR management. This condition is quite alarming considering that now we should have gone a lot further than that.

Excel is indeed quite powerful and reliable for data management. However, what about managing data that changes every day? Also, how if we need collaborative work in it?

The old method: create a file in excel and send it to another employee.

For work collaboration with Excel, generally, one employee will create an excel file and manually share the file with other parties to be filled in. This method is no longer effective and quite troublesome.

Collaborative work using excel requires a longer process and inefficient. While in fact, nowadays your employer is not only relying on work quality in a performance evaluation but now work speed and workload are included in the evaluation points.

The new way: use the cloud!

Nowadays local processing of files on individual computers is out of date. Now is the era of cloud computing where data is stored and processed on an encrypted server to create a fast and secure process.

We demonstrate the use of cloud in managing day-off requests (leave) in the Kintone app.

Perhaps not many people know that Kintone is a cloud-based application specifically developed for helping business management. Things that would normally be done with excel now can be done in Kintone. Data is stored and processed in the cloud and can be accessed by everyone in the company.

Request for a day-off in Kintone

One of the applications in Kintone that is very useful for businesses is the management of day-off requests of employees. So far, employees usually ask for permission to leave office by a manual request, first, they contact the supervisor via WhatsApp chat, LINE Messenger, or telephone. 

Subsequently, employees who have received approval from the supervisor will contact the General Affairs to record the leave. They contact the general affair via the same communication tool such as WhatsApp chat, LINE messenger, or other means of contact that are often used in the office.

This method turned out to be very ineffective and inefficient. In addition to taking a long time in processing, this method quite troublesome for the general affairs staff in recording the data. Therefore, Kintone is build to solve this problem.

All employees have to create accounts in Kintone. After that, they can log into the dashboard in their Kintone account using an email username and password. Once they logged in to the dashboard, employees can see several applications. These applications have been provided by the IT administrator at the office with the help of our IT staff at the initial set up.

In filing leave requests, employees need to fill out a day-off request form at Kintone. The form could be like this below:

Once you finished filing the form and click submit, your leave request will be accepted by the general affairs staff. 

The general affairs will immediately process your leave request and passed the process for approval to the supervisor, and the supervisor will then passed the request to the Director.

Of course, the level of approval for leave requests can be adjusted according to the internal conditions of your company. If the leave request is enough to be approved by the general affairs and supervisors, then the application can be arranged accordingly.

The leave request that has been submitted will be recorded in the list like illustrations below:

The leave request you’ve just submitted has the status ‘Applying’. Supervisors will get a notification about your leave request in their kintone account. The status will change to ‘Approved’ when the supervisor has given permission for your leave.

Very easy, right? This kind of application makes it very easy for the general affair to track employees’ leave. Then, everyone in the company who has an interest in knowing about your leave can also get information directly just by logging in to their kintone accounts.

In this way, leave management can become more centralized and less isolated from one another. This is all because the Kintone database is at cloud so that everyone in the company with a personal account, username and password can access it.

So, does your office still want to use the old method or the new, more digital method? We are waiting for you to join hundreds of other companies that have already benefited the Kintone! Send an email to [email protected] to find out more about Kintone!


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