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NewsMonday November 30th, 2020

4 Ways to Prevent Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying on social media is currently on the rise. Cyberbullying usually happens when people feel they have more power to intimidate others. This power can be due to seniority, ownership, works, and intelligence.

As quoted from, there are several ways to prevent cyberbullying.

1. Don’t Post Too Much

Being super active on social media is unwise, either to make your own post or just leaving comments on other people’s posts. People can be annoyed seeing your flooded post on their feed. Too many posting can provoke cyberbullying. We recommend that you post with a reasonable frequency.

2. Avoid strange materials

Strange and annoying content can invite bullies. You should be careful in choosing content to be posted on social media. Political and religious are sensitive topics and tend to get a lot of responses on social media. You must be extra careful when posting political and religious content to avoid creating bully from your followers.

3. Be Picky

The more friends or followers on social media, the wider the door for cyber bullying will open. Therefore, you have to prepare for the consequences: your posts may get a lot of responses and not all of them are positive. 

Some of the responses will likely be negative and you should be prepared for that. Or, you can set the comments sections with certain rules so that not everyone can leave comments, or limit the visibility of your posts so that only certain people can see them.

4. Be Careful with Words

You should know which content can be shared on social media and which one is not. When you had a fight with a partner don’t post it on your feed because it doesn’t look good and will likely invite negative responses.

You can share your personal opinions on social media but remember to pack it up in good language without the intention to attack other parties.

Since social media came into existence, ethics in socializing has increased. Now, we also have to practice social ethics in social media. Sometimes, the indirect communication, what we wrote on social media, whether in the feed or in the comments, can hurt other people.

Preventing bullying is not only by voicing cyberbullying is bad, but we also have to refrain from posting things that invite bullying.


Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash

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