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BlogFriday June 19th, 2020

6 Examples Of Bad Customer Experience

A good businessman must have knowledge about customer experience. The lack of knowledge regarding customer experience could lead to fatal damage to businesses in the digital era. Bad customer experience is a reason behind the slow death of a business.

If you wonder why is customer experience becomes such a necessary point for businesses in the digital era, then we suggest you first read the definition of customer experience. Once you gain a better understanding of customer experience, we will show you 6 examples of bad customer experience to avoid running businesses.

6 Examples Of Bad Customer Experience

There are a bunch of criteria why businesses are called to have bad customer experience. But, today we will only show you 6 of them that mostly occured, such as slow response customer service, over automatization, underqualified human resources, and many more.

1. Slow Response 

The key point in digitalization is speed. One of the many reasons why digital technology is better than the conventional system is due to its faster speed. The penetration of digital technology creates a new high expectation towards services/products offered by industries.

Getting information as fast as possible is the key! Question and complaint should be responded as fast as it could be, in a 24/7 period. As stated by Hubspot, 90% of the customers stating that fast responses are important. If you failed to meet this expectation, then you should be ready for the consequences that might occur.

The simplest one, when a customer asking for a detail of a product or service. If you are not fast enough to respond, the customer would likely move to another seller. These conditions could be worsened if you are also slow in responding to customer complaints. Customers are free to leave a bad impression/comments regarding your business.

You could avoid such a case by implementing simple digital transformation. Use AI technology to respond to customer messages faster for a 24/7 period. This technology is nothing new, many businesses such as e-commerce are using chatbot with AI technology to respond to customer complaints.

2. Over automation

For the past decades, industries dreaming of automation as a solution in solving repetitive works, faster but cost less than the traditional method. Customers can be handled ASAP and operational cost can be cut into a minimum level. 

But, one thing to keep in mind, the use of automation should be measured. Automation that originally created to cut human involvement, in the end still relies on humanity. Humanity plays a role in customer experience.

Sometimes when a customer encounters a problem, all they want is to be heard by some human, not some robot that replies in a programmed-manner without any humanity in it. If we don’t act the right way, this kind of execution will leave a bad impression on your business.

3. Bad Branding = Bad Business

Branding for business is important! Branding is the first image or impression when a customer for the first time heard your product. Unfortunately, there are many companies that are less serious when it comes to building their brand.

If you are one of them then don’t put the blame on anything or anyone but yourself. Customers will likely think nothing when they heard or see your product. This is because the company failed to build its brand.

A website is good for your company brand. An effective way to turn your company website into a good company branding is by implementing UI/UX friendly design. A new user visiting your website must know what they want to do and what they want to find.

Turn ideas into concept now and pave it to your company website. If you need a special skill set to build an impressive website, our team is ready to help! We can help you with rebranding your company website. Our team is experts in IT specializing in website and web system development.

Our experts will help your customer to have better navigation when visiting your website. Thus, they will have a better experience when shopping on your website. Bad branding will likely to create confusion among the customer experience, and you better avoid that to happen to your company.

4. Ignoring Customer Complaints

Ignoring customer complaints is strongly associated with a slow response. There are too many cases that indicate companies are trying to close their eyes upon receiving complaints from customers or even the worse one, attacking back their customers. 

When you receive a complaint from customers, the right thing to do is respond as soon as possible. Ignoring customer complaints will encourage customers to leave bad reviews on your brand. 

5. Had No Idea About What Customer Wants

There are several cases where companies are struggling to create innovation on their products but seem to fail to gain attention in the market. If you are struggling to face this problem too, it doesn’t mean that you create a wrong product. Instead, it might be because the product itself is not suitable enough with the current trend. 

Businessmen often create products based on their own idealism thinking that they know the best on what the customer needs. But in the end, you only have to listen to what they need and what they want, not what you think they need or want. 

No matter how good it is the products you create, if it is not suitable for what the customer needs or wants then it is no use, your product would likely have no buyer.

6. Unprofessional Human Resources

Even though the digital era has been started a few decades ago, it doesn’t mean removing human involvement at all. Humans are enrolled in several business elements. Professional and skilled human resources are needed to compensate for the adaptation of sophisticated technology.

But then, how you define professional and skilled human resources is?

In the digital transformation era, professional and skilled human resources are them who put their orientation to customers as well as mastering technology. Trained your employees to be professional and loyal.

Unprofessional employees will likely disappoint customers and eventually leave a bad reputation for your business. Also, mastering technology for your employees is a must. You should be selective in choosing employees since they will be the backbone of your business.

But, high-quality human resources don’t come in an instant. There are prices to pay to get the best and skillful human resources. If you still can’t find one, we offer our professional and skillful team to help your business run smoothly by leveraging digital transformation.

Our team is ready to support your business by providing website/web system production services, maintenance support, mobile apps development, internet marketing, and SEO services, and content creation.

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