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NewsFriday May 7th, 2021

Requirements and Register the CPNS 2021 Online

The government is ready to open the recruitment for regular civil servants candidates (CPNS) at the end of June 2021. Have you prepared yourself for this battle? Before throwing yourself on the battlefield to win over the seat as the country’s civil servant, you must first pass the administrative screening. It means that you must register for the CPNS 2021 online and must do it the right way to be able to go to the next step.

The good news is that now you can prepare all the documents required for the CPNS registration without hassle. The CPNS selection process (SSCN) now has upgraded their system into a better one, loaded with new features. This new upgraded system promises the users a hassle-free way when registering for CPNS that no longer requires a lot of documents like the previous years.

CPNS 2021 Requirements

The government has prepared a portal,, to register into CPNS 2021. It is the only portal that is available so don’t get fooled by signing up for other websites as it may be a fake website with unknown credibility that is trying to steal your data. 

Then, what are the documents required for the CPNS 2021? Although there has been no detail released for this year’s CPNS, try to use the requirements from the previous year as a reference. It may have no significant difference. Take a look at the previous year requirements:

  1. Photo
  2. Family Card (Kartu Keluarga)
  3. Selfie Photo
  4. Scan of original ID card
  5. Certificate of Diploma
  6. Transcripts
  7. Additional documents required by each of the formations, such as SKCK (Police Record Certificate), TOEFL, etc. There are also formations of civil servants that require you to send them a hard copy of several documents to their office. Please ensure that you have checked the additional documents required to avoid miss. In some cases, there are applicants who failed to pass the administrative screening because they did not know about the additional documents.

What is New in CPNS 2021?

The above requirements were from CPNS previous years. This year, it actually has no difference but there are some interesting notes to underlined:

(1) Integrated System, No Need to Upload Document

According to the head of BKN Bima Haria Wibisana, CPNS 2021 is more practical with the use of the integrated portal SSCASN. This portal now has integrated with several institutions to access important data related to the applicants’ documents such as the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Dapodik data at the Ministry of Education and Culture, STR data at the Ministry of Health, and NIK data at Dukcapil.

With this integrated system, the applicant will no longer be required to upload documents such as diploma certificates, Unique Number of Educators and Education Personnel (NUPTK), and Registration Certificate (STR).

(2) Face Recognition Technology Removes Jockey Test

In every test, there is always a jockey test that helps test-takers in answering questions on paper, including the CPNS test. However, now BKN uses face recognition technology to their CAT BKN that it is now impossible for the jockey test to help participants cheat. This technology is able to match the face of the participant who took the exam with the face of the registrant. Therefore, the risk of cheating can be reduced.

(3) Select Formation Directly via SSCASN Portal

Formerly, the applicant must check the formation open by checking the institution’s official website. Now, the applicant can directly check the formation open in the SSCASN portal. Selecting a formation that is available is now fast and easy.

(4) Live Score in YouTube

After taking the test you may be curious how you scored. This year, BKN will put the score from taking the CPNS test on Live Streaming YouTube. This way, the government will be able to reduce the number of people gathered during the CPNS test.

(5) Indonesian Citizen Overseas Can Join The Test, Along with COVID-19 Sufferer

BKN ensures that Indonesian citizens who are abroad and sufferers of COVID-19 can still take the CPNS 2021 test. There is a special room for COVID-19 patients to take the test.

With the above upgrades, this year’s CPNS registration is expected to run more practically, easily, and smoothly. While waiting for the registration to open, please complete the required files and observe how to create a 2021 CPNS registration account below.

Registering New Account for CPNS 2021 Recruitment

  1. Before registering, first, create an account by visiting the CPNS 2021 registration link at
  2. Please enter the NIK data and the KK number, or the KK number of the head of the family.
  3. Please log in (enter) to the SSCASN portal by input the ID number and password 
  4. Next, fill in your personal data and select the available formation.
  5. Upload documents in accordance with the formation requirements and the position you aimed for. You can make a checklist on paper so that no documents are missed. Also, check the size and the file type of the document whether it is in accordance with the requirements.
  6. Please complete the required data and upload the document. Make sure everything is uploaded properly.
  7. Before printing registration data, check your resume first whether all the personal data entries, formations, positions, and documents are correct.

That is how to register for CPNS 2021. Given that the test will be carried out during the pandemic, make sure you follow the existing health protocols. While waiting for the opening, there is nothing wrong with studying CPNS questions. We have selected the recommendations for the 5 best CPNS test applications to help you study. Good luck!



Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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