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NewsWednesday August 5th, 2020

Applications to Track the Spread of Coronavirus

It seems that humans are never out of ideas when it comes to safe themselves from danger. As in COVID, humans all over the world are crazy to explore and develop every means to prevent the spread of COVID19.

Although new confirmed cases keep on going, the government and other stakeholders in private institutions are never losing their spirit. Developing applications to track the spread of COVID19 is only one way. You might surprise yourself that now there are a lot of applications to track the spread of COVID19 available in the Play Store and AppStore.

Some of these applications were developed by children of the nations so we shall be proud of that. These applications can help the officials to track the spread of COVID19 and or to track the movement of COVID19 patients. In that way, tracing can be easily done. Besides that, it is necessary to get the latest important updates on the health of every individual.

Check the 5 applications to track down the spread of COVID19 below:

1. AC19

Hospital often becomes the new clusters of COVID19 confirmed cases. To reduce the risk of confirmed cases in hospitals, Iran released the AC19 apps that are used as guidance for people when going to hospitals.

If anyone feels unwell, the government suggests that people install AC19 apps before going to hospitals. The apps will tell the users whether they should take independent quarantine or go to hospitals. The cool thing is, the apps can detect COVID19 infections in seconds!

2. COVID Symptom Tracker

The COVID Symptom Tracker work to track individual with COVID19 symptoms. The UK citizens were advised to report their health conditions through the app. The UK government can monitor the health of every individual by using the COVID Symptom Tracker app. People only need to spare 1 minute to report their health conditions.

This cool app is a joint product by the Guy Hospitals, St Thomas, King’s College London, and ZOE company London. The app has helped the UK government in taking preventive measures against the coronavirus and mapping the new confirmed cases.

3. TraceTogether

TraceTogether is an app made by the Singapore government. TraceTogether requires everyone in Singapore to participate in tracing the COVID19 spread. The app adopts Bluetooth technology and works in a simple way. If you stand close to the confirmed case, the government will contact you and ask for data locations.

Thus, the government can trace the spread, fast and easy. To increase the accuracy, the Bluetooth can capture the users’ signal in a maximum of 2 meters distance from a confirmed case of COVID19.

4. Home Quarantine

If only there exist an application to supervise the independent quarantine, maybe there is no more a confirmed case strolling around the road. But thanks to Poland that such an application now exists. The Poland people are developing Home Quarantine applications to watch over the independent quarantine. It is an obligation for people who just landed in Poland to install this app.

Poland’s government can easily perform strict surveillance for its people. The people are suggested to send their selfies through the app. They can’t escape from this as the police will find you and made you do what the government says. Well, why won’t we? It is for our best anyway, right?

5. PeduliLindungi

And the last, the COVID19 tracker app developed by Indonesian, PeduliLindungi. The application was created by the Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Informatics (Kominfo) together with the Indonesian Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN). The application requires active participation from all of the community to get the best functionality.

PeduliLindungi requires its users to report their current locations as it will track the movement. In this manner, the government can trace whether you ever contacted a confirmed case or not. If everyone in this country were installing this application, it will be easy to track down everyone’s movement and the possibility of contacting confirmed cases. PeduliLindungi can protect yours and others from COVID19.

Whether we know it or not, the existence of technology is bringing a lot of positive impacts on the community. Just like when the COVID19 strikes, all of these technologies can be used to help the government and the community in preventing the spread of coronavirus. You can also read another information regarding the COVID19 spread prevention in The 4 IT Products for a More Practical New Normal Life.


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