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NewsWednesday August 5th, 2020

BPPT Soon to Develop the COVID19 Early…

Seeing the number of COVID19 cases around the world, now countries are relying on their own hands by starting to develop their own tools to prevent the spread of COVID19. And so does Indonesia who then appointed The Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) to develop the early detection tool for COVID19. In this project, BPPT will become the project coordinator in the Research Task Force and Technological Innovations for Handling COVID-19 program (TFRIC19).

The plan is, this TFRIC19 program will focus on the development of 5 projects. The 5 projects are the development of the Non-PCR Rapid Diagnostic Test, the development of PCR Test Kit, PCR and Sequencing Test Laboratory, and Strengthening the Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications.

On top of that, the TFRIC19 will also focus their attention on the Analysis and Data Compilation on the Whole Genome of COVID-19 Origin of Indonesians who were infected and the Preparation of Infrastructure and Health Logistics to Strengthen the Ability to Handle COVID-19.

BPPT Will Combine Machine Learning and Deep Learning 

From the 5 projects of development, it is the Strengthening the Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications that become a very interesting point. Later, BPPT will put on use of the AI technology, namely machine learning and deep learning to create a COVID19 early detection tool.

The COVID19 early detection tool will use machine learning and deep learning to enables the machine to create decisions automatically. The system created by collecting CT-Scan and X-Ray data from patients who tested negative and positive COVID19. The data collected is an important material in creating the early detection tool. The machine can predict whether someone is infected by the COVID19 or not. 

Compare to the usual method, this tool is fast and practical to use. But, the government planned to use this tool as a complementary in testing COVID19. In addition to AI technology tools, the government will also do the PCR test and whole-genome sequencing.

Hopefully, all of these projects will successfully be executed. In that way, Indonesia will be able to control the spread of COVID19 and flatten the coronavirus curve. It is not impossible that all of these tools will have good use in ending the COVID19 outbreak.


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