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NewsFriday September 11th, 2020

Apple iOS 13.7 Support a COVID-19 Notification…

Apple users shall be happy for an exclusive feature beneficial for the COVID-19 notification system called the Exposure Notification Express. This feature was announced together by Google and Apple on September 2, 2020. The COVID-19 notification system was released together with the iOS 13.7 update. The COVID-19 notification system can only be accessed by iPhone users with iOS 13.7 and above. 

Unfortunately, the Exposure Notification Express is only available in the United States. The Exposure Notification Express will help the US government in suppressing the spread of the new coronavirus. 

How the Exposure Notification Express Works?

Exposure Notification Express can trace whether someone has had contact with confirmed cases of COVID-19. The system will see the distance and time of two adjacent phones. However, users must first register themselves in this tracking system. 

We know that the system keeps on tracking you, but don’t worry about personal data security because Apple and Google guarantee that these systems will not collect personal data and location information. 

In addition, the Exposure Notification Express is not an application, but it is a system that can be developed by its users. The users will receive COVID-19 notifications without having to download an application. With this convenience new feature, it is expected can help the government to reduce the spread of COVID-19 effectively and efficiently. 



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