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NewsMonday July 12th, 2021

4 Ways to Make Money by Writing

There are many ways to make money from the internet, one of which is if you have the ability to write. Maybe everyone can write, but writing that brings money? Have you ever done it?

If you are currently looking for extra cash from writing, the good news is that you are very likely to make money from writing. Therefore, let’s look at the following tips on how to make money by writing.

(1) Freelance Copywriter/Content Writer

Becoming a freelancer and looking for clients independently is possible by joining the freelance copywriter/content writer club. Although there is no guarantee that you will immediately get a client but there is no harm in trying so why not? A freelance copywriter or content writer’s task is to write. However, to find out the difference between the two, please read the difference between a copywriter and a content writer

If you want to be hired as a freelance copywriter or content writer, you need to create a portfolio that convinces potential clients and includes a clear and reasonable rate.

(2) Writing on a Personal Blog

If you like writing, why not try to create a personal blog and grow traffic to it. If your blog brings good traffic and engagement, you can turn it into additional cash by showing AdSense on your well-performing blog page. 

Also, there are many opportunities for bloggers to collaborate with brands by reviewing their products.

(3) Contributing Journalist

A journalist is a writer who writes about an event in an informative way. A journalist must write information based on the facts that exist. Information should be clear and accurate and may contain descriptions of people related to the event being written.

You can become a contributing journalist for well-known media in Indonesia, such as Hipwee, Mojok,,, and so on. Send your writing to the media you aim for and if they are interested in publishing your writing, they will reward you well. 

(4) Translator

Becoming a translator can also be an additional source of income. In translating an article, foreign language skills are needed as well as writing skills. If you have skills in foreign languages ​​such as English, Japanese, Mandarin, etc. then you are in luck!

Take advantage of your skills to offer translation services. The payment for translation, as well as writing, is usually quite tempting.


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Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

News Monday July 12th, 2021
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