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NewsFriday January 29th, 2021

Tips to Effectively Increase Conversion Rate Website

In an online promotion, the conversion is the goal. To measure the level of conversion, it is often be called conversion rate (CR). This time, we will review some of the best effective tips in increasing the conversion rate (CR).

There are at least several things you can add to your list in the effort to increase the conversion rate (CR). Please check on the following details.

A/B Testing

SEO specialists will never underestimate the A/B Testing for its benefit in giving insights between two contents’ performance. For example, you have two banner options for a product campaign and you have no idea which banner will give the best conversion. For this, you can use the A/B Testing to know which banner will give the best results.

A/B Testing software will automatically divide the traffic, 50% of traffic will be directed to the A banner, and the rest of 50% will be directed to the B banner. Conduct the A/B Testing for a few days or weeks, and then see the results after it is ended. The software will give you results on which banner has the best performance in drive the conversions.

Aside from banner, A/B Testing can be used to determine the news headline, button selection, navigation, etc.

CTA (Call to Action)

A promotion page, whether it is a product landing page or an article page, is best to have a CTA (call to action). CTA can be the goal, it is what you want the users to do after accessing the page.

For example, your business is selling mosquito repellent online and you have created a landing page intended for sales. The landing page covering full information about mosquito repellent. However, you put the product in the marketplace Shopee, and you want people to buy the product via Shopee.

For that, the landing page should have a call to action, it can be a link directed to your official account at Shopee. Therefore, when people googling ‘mosquito repellent’ and they find your landing page, people go to the landing page, probably make a scan reading through the page, and they interested in buying.

When people interested in buying and they found a link to where they can buy it online, it will be good. For this, the CTA for the landing page can be a button with copywriting like ‘BUY THIS PRODUCT ON SHOPEE’.

Please keep in mind to create a short, concise, clear CTA, yet powerful. It is also important to create an eye-catching CTA. Please be mindful in placing CTA. Put CTA at the bottom may not be a good idea when you have insights that people will not scroll the page to the bottom of the page.

A good design of CTA combined with powerful copywriting can be appealing to bring big impacts. If you have no idea how to create a good one, you can always use reliable third-party services, such as AsiaQuest Indonesia, to get the best, safest, and easiest solution.

User Review/Testimonial

Never underestimate the user review or user testimonial as it may be the one to bring conversion. Famous marketplace like Shopee, Tokopedia, Lazada, almost every e-commerce in the world will put a user review section on each product page. The reason is clear, it is because user review is matters!

Even when the product page has a long and beautiful description of the product and a clear image, does that mean the visitors will check out after reading the description? Nope. Reading the product description and check the photo might not convincing enough. Visitors will go to the reviewed product to know what buyers think about the product after receiving the product and use it. Reviews from buyers are considered to be honest and give a clear illustration of the actual condition of the product.

Therefore, put testimonials or product reviews from other users who buy and try the product on the landing page. Who knows, visitors will be more sure to check out after reading the comments!

Pop Up

Pop up banners may seem annoying. It suddenly appears when we are busy reading and scrolling. However, pop-ups can be arranged in such a way as to not interfere with the reading and scrolling activity. If organized properly, pop-ups may actually lead to conversions!

Set the pop-up to appears at the right time, for example when the user scrolls through a particular paragraph in an article. Or if your content is a landing page, put a pop up when the user scrolls two or three times. Use A/B testing to determine the performance of pop-ups that drive more traffic or conversions.

There you have it, a few effective tips to increase the conversion rate. The bigger the conversion rate, the greater the chance to get bountiful sales!

If you’re still confused about what to do next or have no idea how to get started with A/B testing, create banners, create pop-ups, or build landing pages, our team is ready to help!

Our IT team is reliable and has years of experience in web/web system development, mobile app development, and/or digital marketing issues. Contact us for more details!

Photo by Stephen Dawson on Unsplash

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