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BlogTuesday January 26th, 2021

Understanding Content Marketing and SEO

Content marketing and SEO, are two separate things? Shouldn’t content marketing and SEO go hand in hand?

We have reviewed the SEO, now let’s try to understand the relationship between content marketing and SEO. In the world of digital marketing, content marketing and SEO have a very large and interconnected role.

Content Marketing and SEO In the Past

SEO specialists competed to get their content to be at the top of Google. SEO in the past and today is much different. In the past, we may be entered keywords as many as possible to get on the top rank on Google. However, when we click on the link to open the page, the content turned out to be less impressive than we thought it would be. 

It may be because, in the past, SEO specialists thought that the quality of content didn’t matter, and people in content didn’t think that SEO was important. They are back to back so they don’t see each other.

Content Marketing and SEO Today

Google is updating its algorithm from time to time, their search engine is getting better and now they are trying to come up with the content that is most relevant to what users’ are looking for. 

For example, if a user is looking for information about COVID19, the Google search engine will display a quality website page that contains valid and relevant information about COVID19.

HOAX that unclear its credibility is likely to be removed by search engine algorithm and will not be displayed by Google. Thus, Google protects users from bad content.

Is creating good and quality content enough?

It turns out that creating good quality and useful content is not enough. Especially when the SEO is not good, it is impossible to rank well in Google Search. Therefore, it is necessary to combine good quality content marketing and good SEO practice.

How to create good quality content?

Users will decide if the content served is of high quality or bad quality. Google provides several tools to help understand whether the content is good or not. One of them is the bounce rate. It does not fully rely on bounce rate to understand what the users think about your content, but sometimes you can count on it.

The bounce rate calculates the number of exits. The more exits, meaning that users do not find what they are looking for on your site, they eventually choose to leave your site. Be careful with large numbers of exits as it may indicate that you have to improve all the quality of the content presented on the website.

Avoid plagiarism

In ancient times, plagiarism was ubiquitous, making it difficult to find valid sources on a topic. But now Google’s algorithm is getting better. It is able to detect plagiarism. So, when Google finds your content is indicated by plagiarism, it is likely that it will not be displayed or even banned.

The Importance of Keyword research

Research the keywords before creating the content is important, even crucial. Good quality content is incomplete without a target keyword, or you may have put a keyword but it is not the best keyword target. 

Keyword selection is important and SEO specialists should master how to place appropriate keyword targets. However, there are tools to help you find the right keyword target such as the keyword planner from Google, Google Trend, or a keyword planner from Neil Patel, or other digital marketing blogs to help you find the right keywords.

From the above explanation, we must understand that SEO and content marketing are two things that cannot be separated. They are related to each other. Without content, there is no SEO, and content without SEO will find it difficult to crawl to the top of Google.


Photo by Negative Space from Pexels

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