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BlogMonday July 13th, 2020

The 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing

If you are still hesitant to adopt cloud computing, you are in the right article. We will explain about the compelling reasons why you should immediately adopt cloud computing to business. We have summarized the 5 benefits of cloud computing to grow your business effectively!  

Cloud computing today is highly in demand for its ability to solve various classic problems in business. Classic problems in business aren’t far from problems like limited storage space, large operational costs, complicated management systems, and so on. 

But fortunately, now we have cloud computing to solve all those classic problems in business. For details, take a look at the 5 benefits of cloud computing below.

A More Efficient Operating System 

Do you often get trouble in sending files to more than one recipient? Well, with cloud computing now you won’t meet such trouble. Sending files to several recipients at once can be done in one click and under minutes. Distance and times are not obstacles. Companies can now be run in a more effective way with cloud computing. This system is beneficial especially when we are now working from home. 

Wider Scalability

You can customize the cloud usage according to your needs. Simply put, cloud computing can be managed flexibly so that it can be adopted by all types of businesses. Moreover, the installation process is fast that business will still run smoothly even when changes are being made.

Flexible, Accessible from Anywhere!

Cloud computing technology promises flexibility for every user. No matter where the location is, you can still access data from the cloud. As long as you are connected to the internet, wherever or whenever you are it doesn’t matter. Whether it’s on the road, at the client’s office, work from home, or on other conditions, you can access data in the cloud easily. 

This way, businesses can cut the complicated and time-consuming procedures. Flexibility and practical uses are the keys to achieve bigger goals. As businesses adopting technology in their products or services, customers now will enjoy the fast and practical services.

Cut Operational Costs and The Unnecessary Maintenance 

Adopting cloud computing enables businesses to operate to its full potential with minimum cost. Conventional systems require large costs, whether it is to pay experts or to manage systems, buying devices and its maintenance costs, etc.

But with cloud computing, the above-mentioned things will no longer happen. First, cloud computing doesn’t need a lot of IT experts, and second, to store important data, you will need one storage. 

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to update software and hardware. Third, the system can work faster than the conventional system so that it can increase productivity. When productivity increases, profit will follow.

Company Data is Secure

Is it safe to keep all company data in one place that can be accessed from anywhere? To answer this question, we can say that ‘yes it is safe’. Cloud hosting is already anticipating this security problem. To maintain data security, the cloud is equipped with a strong security layer called data encryption. Therefore, the database in the cloud very difficult to be penetrated by hackers.

This is one of the many reasons why companies with cloud services are preferred by clients, it is for the guarantee in security. However, to get this security guarantee, you must be observant of choosing cloud hosting. Make sure you choose only credible cloud hosting chosen by many companies. By having these five benefits, cloud computing has become one of the most widely used technologies in Indonesia. 

How to adopt cloud computing?

Before you get left far behind, you should immediately consider adopting cloud computing in your business. Lacking IT experts shouldn’t be a problem. We can offer you our products and services as an IT consultant. Please contact us to get more information about cloud computing in business.

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