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BlogTuesday December 29th, 2020

4 Benefits of Cloud Desktop for Efficiency

A decade ago, we might not know what is a cloud. However, technology has developed so fast these recent years, it even feels like a leap of technology with the many choices of technologies that are available today, including the cloud technology that is massively used in recent years.

What is Cloud Desktop?

Cloud desktop is a technology to move all files from desktop to the virtual server. The goal for this cloud desktop is to let its users easily access all files regardless of the computer they use every day.

Remember that a few years ago people have to bring a laptop everywhere they go to access all files they need. Or, when people need to work overtime from home, before going home, they make time to send files needed to their own email to access it at home.

The above concept is outdated, especially now when cloud desktop is available. Even now, it is not only files stored in the cloud, but almost everything such as operation system, personal preferences, applications, files, and documents.

Cloud desktop makes humans go and work everywhere they want without the need to bring the office laptop. People can use any computers to work. And to give you deeper insight into cloud desktop, we’ve summarized 5 benefits of cloud desktop below.

Increase Productivity

Cloud desktop can increase work productivity. Users are now can be free from hardware specifications. Besides that, imagine when your everyday computer is having issues, while you store all files and documents in local storage. It will certainly be a problem since you have to fix the issues first before continuing the work.

The same thing won’t happen if you make use of the cloud desktop. Store all files in the cloud, and when you have issues on the device, you can continue the work using another computer/device because all of the files and documents can be accessed in the cloud. In this way, productivity will not be disrupted.

Mobile Access

The rapid development of smartphones over the last decade is amazing. Now there are more things you can do with a smartphone, beyond just taking photos, listening to music, or sending instant messages.

The many things that can be done with smartphones, including for work, make people prefer to use smartphones to access anything. Today’s internet traffic is mostly from mobile than PC.

People now seem to prefer to use mobile access to check their works. With the cloud, it is all possible. After all, data will be stored in the cloud, not on personal devices, making it safer and reduce the possibility of data being lost.

Cloud desktop can be accessed from Macs, Windows PCs, Chromebooks, Tablets, and Smartphones.

Easy Migration for a Non-cloud Program 

Cloud desktop can handle all the programs run on a computer, including programs that are actually a non-cloud program. Basically, you move programs from an operating system to a virtual system. So, you will have no problems when you want to move programs like QuickBooks and AutoCAD.

Low Cost

Don’t be surprised if the company will be more selective about buying new devices. Using a cloud desktop can save companies expenses in terms of upgrading computer specs, purchasing new devices, etc.

You may now don’t need a device with a large hard drive capacity because your files are no longer stored in local storage, do you?

Seeing the benefits of the desktop cloud above, it’s no wonder that it becomes popular in such a short time. Desktop cloud vendors are everywhere in the world, make sure you choose the best cloud vendor to increase work productivity.

The good news is, AsiaQuest Indonesia has long been a distributor partner for Kintone products, a cloud-based application platform. We have served hundreds of corporate clients in Indonesia through the Kintone cloud-based app product. Contact [email protected] to try Kintone for free for 30 days!



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