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NewsWednesday June 2nd, 2021

Sayurbox App Uses Cloud to Gain Profit…

This Ramadan, Sayurbox managed to prepare a special strategy. To anticipate the short supply, Sayurbox uses AWS cloud (for more detailed information about cloud, please read the 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing). As we all know, the demand for food will increase during Ramadan. Sayurbox needs a system that can cut out the supply chains so that products can be delivered to customers faster.

Sayurbox then carries migration to the cloud for all of its operational processes, from the farmers to the logistics. In that way, Sayurbox can know the need for food, anticipate it, and immediately deliver it to customers. This system will give a domino effect on several aspects, be it for the company, farmers, customers, and the environment.

Domino Effect on The Adoption of Cloud

First, Sayurbox will be able to earn more profit because they likely are able to sell food that is really needed by the customers. After that, the delivery process will be faster and eventually lead to customer satisfaction. customers will be able to buy food without the need to go outside home during the COVID19 pandemic.

Furthermore, the farmer can plant crops that are adjusted to the market demand. When the raw food is ready, Sayurbox will help the farmer in selling and distributing the crops. Also, the farmer can sell their crops at a higher rate.

What can be given to the environment?

Planting crops that are adjusted to the market demand will help to reduce food waste. Why? Because the farmers can focus on planting the crops that the market demands. If all crops succeed to be distributed, there will be less food wasted.

For your information, Sayurbox has long been a business committed to the environment. Their commitment to the environment is by providing organic products and non-plastic packaging. In this way, Sayurbox helps to socialize the friendly environment lifestyle to the people, especially the millennial generation.


Photo by Sharon Pittaway on Unsplash

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