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NewsTuesday July 21st, 2020

The IT Industries Gaining Profit during the…

Gang Ye is an example of a businessman who gains profit during the COVID19 outbreak. When other companies are experiencing sluggish economic growth, Gang Ye is successful in placing himself as the new billionaire in Singapore. It all thanks to his game product “Free Fire” that enjoy sudden popularity during the COVID19 outbreak. Gang Ye has finally succeeded to collect golds and gaining profit as much as 14 billion rupiahs. The mobile games industry is one of the IT industries that gain profit during the outbreak.

The success story of Gang Ye is proof that the outbreak is not merely a sad story. For some business, the outbreak has lifted their business and bringing them to the top positions. The mobile game industry and the e-commerce industry is one of them.

Streaming services as a solution to kill boredom

Both free and paid streaming services see a huge increase in demands during the COVID19 outbreak. The streaming services are a popular way to kill boredom while on quarantine at home. Listening to music in Spotify, watching dramas in Netflix, or watching web series on YouTube are the example of streaming services.

The streaming service is a promising business during the COVID19 outbreak, it does not require close physical contact, and easily accessible from anywhere in the world. The surprising fact is, Netflix recorded global growth during the outbreak, now it has 15,8 million subscribers all around the world.

If you interested in this business, try the YouTube channel. Opening a YouTube channel and start to create inspiring video content such as cooking recipes to try at home during quarantine, makeup tutorial, daily life, or create a web series that gaining attention in Indonesia.

Contactless Food Delivery

It is unbelievable that the outbreak gave another positive impact. It is the food delivery service that mainly provided by GoFood and GrabFood. Both food delivery services providers are gaining profit as people afraid to go out from home. Food delivery services are a way to reduce the risk of contamination.

GrabFood and GoFood are fast enough to see the good chances and soon formulating a contactless delivery. The food can be put at the entrance gate or doorknob or other places chosen by the customers. The companies commitment to deliver the best services by ensuring the safety for both of the drivers and the customer is what we need to appreciate. Ensuring that the customers can have their meal with a relief peace in mind is the key. 

The huge spike in the e-commerce industry

The COVID19 outbreak has changed customer behavior, from offline (in-store) to online shopping. It is then causing a huge spike in the e-commerce industry as people shifting from shopping in-store to online shopping. The contactless service in shopping online might the main reason. Daily needs can be bought online without leaving home. Just buy everything online and let the courier drop your order at your front door!

Besides that, e-commerce has an excellent marketing strategy to make the product reach the right target. E-commerce has a bunch of interesting offers to spoil the customers, such as free shipping costs, promotions, flash sales, big sales on the new normal needs, etc. E-commerce might be the experts in seeing chances while in difficulties.

Shopee is e-commerce that gaining a positive impact during the COVID19 outbreak. Shopee recorded a huge spike in the number of transactions up to 25 times during the Big Ramadhan Sale. Even the new billionaire Gang Ye has 10 percent stock at the Shopee parent company, SEA Group, what a lucky man to gain more profit from two of his businesses!

The remote working is inducing cloud computing in business

Whether we like it or not, the COVID19 outbreak is accelerating the adoption of digital transformation. Before COVID, the business mainly centered around the office space, but now it has moved to the home. The remote working policy is forcing the companies to start using cloud technology. Cloud can migrate the workload. Later, employees can access important data related to office in the cloud.

You will no longer deal with the problem of unsent data/files because the size is too big, etc. The cloud can create efficiencies and productivity in business even when the face to face communication is almost impossible.

A survey conducted by “Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report” mentioned that the use of cloud is increasing by 26% – 31% globally during the outbreak. It indicates that companies are now starting to shift their business to a more digital one. Meanwhile, the most favorite platform is AWS (76%), Azure (69%), Google Cloud (34%), etc. Cloud enables the business to run smoothly regardless of the location where employees are working. We suggest you read our articles about cloud in The 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing.

Those are the four IT industries that successful in gaining profit during the COVID19 outbreak. We know that the outbreak mostly brings sadness to most people, but we would like to share some of the positivity to give a little bit of cheering. We do hope that the COVID19 outbreak will soon to ended and our life can go back to normal like it was before. Thus, the business that experiences a negative impact due to the outbreak will soon recover.


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