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BlogWednesday September 23rd, 2020

Increase Sales with Chatbot

When visiting websites or an online shop, usually a pop-up chat appears with virtual customer service asking what we look for. This pop-up chat message can appear for 24 hours no matter the time you access the page. You might ask yourself, how much money does a company invested to give this kind of service?

Now the companies no longer have to worry about getting profit or not because they have to hire a lot of customer services. Instead of talking with human customer service, you might talk to a virtual assistant or chatbot!

What is Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to communicate like a human. With a chatbot, you can access the live chat pop up at any time. Chatbot operates automatically and becomes an alternative communication tool that is more effective compare to humans.

So how does it so? The human energy is limited, but not for a chatbot. Therefore, companies are now switching to a chatbot to serves the customers’ needs in the information. Especially, to answer customers’ questions during the night shift or during the holiday.

Why do We Need a Chatbot?

In the digital era, businesses are encouraged to be fast and responsive in serving customers. Failing to fulfill this requirement will cause businesses to lose customers in a single scroll. Therefore, businesses shall have a solid customer service team that is available to serve for 24 hours. To stay competitive, businesses need to spend much more money to hire more staff to work on day and night shifts.

Instead of using human as customer service, businesses can now choose a chatbot. All you need to do is one time to set up the chatbot and let the machine do the customer service works. There are several benefits of using the chatbot, for example:

  1. Serve the customers’ needs at any time. It will then increase the customer experience and boost sales transactions.
  2. No need to hire a lot of staff to cover this task.
  3. Cost-saving because you will only need to cover the cost for design, development, and maintenance of the chatbot.

However, you need to understand that the chatbot abilities has its limitations. A chatbot can only serve a communication according to the system designed. It means that a chatbot currently is not as flexible as a human can. Based on that, a chatbot usage must be to a limited point to keep humanity in communication.

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