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NewsThursday June 3rd, 2021

Wysa, an AI Chatbot for People Who…

Depression is a mental health problem that is often becoming the main cause for someone to commit suicide. Suicide cases due to depression are known to increase from year to year. Therefore, treating depression is a necessity that cannot be underestimated.

Various methods and ways have been created to deal with cases of depression. One thing you can try is chatting therapy using the Wysa chatbot. The Wysa chatbot is here so that people, especially those who feel down or experience mental health disorders such as irritability, moody, excessive anxiety, to be able to access early treatment.

Wysa, an AI-Based Chat Mobile App

Wysa is a mobile application intended for chatting with AI chatbots. The AI technology used in the Wysa chatbot has the ability to understand how the user is feeling.

The Wysa smart chatbot app has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people and has helped them to fight depression and improve their emotional health. Wysa’s smart chatbot is able to deliver empathetic chats by utilizing the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach. This service is available for free.

Wysa’s smart chatbot listens to user complaints without judgment. Wysa can even provide suggestions to users according to the complaints submitted. The presence of the Wysa AI chatbot application can be a solution to provide mental health therapy that is more accessible to the wider community at a relatively affordable cost.

When you are tired of the situation and need a place to pour out your heart, while your friends are not always available for you, then you can try the Wysa app. Wysa’s AI chatbot will always be there to listen to your complaints and formulate the best response for you so you don’t feel judged. Unfortunately, at this time Wysa only supports conversations in English. 

The AI ​​Wysa chatbot application can be downloaded for free on the Play Store or App Store.

Create Websites and Applications for Humanitarian Missions and/or Business 

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Our years of experience in serving hundreds of clients is strong proof that we are a reliable and trustworthy company. Contact AsiaQuest Indonesia for more information about the services we provide.



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