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NewsWednesday August 12th, 2020

VIRA BCA, a Virtual Banking Assistant with…

We previously reviewed CINTA, the smart chatbot banking with AI from Bank BNI. This time, we want to introduce another similar service, called VIRA, as the Virtual Banking Assistant released by Bank BCA. Both VIRA and CINTA is smart because it uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

VIRA provides easy access for BCA customers in accessing their bank account. This convenience service comes in the form of a smart chatbot. BCA customers who want to access their banking account at BCA can simply chat VIRA. VIRA is like a reliable friend when you need information about your banking account.

VIRA BCA Provides Updated Information about Banking

Currently, VIRA BCA has a feature to provide the latest banking information. This information includes ongoing promotional programs at BCA, currency exchange rates, ATM locations, credit card info, etc. Searching for banking information is no longer typing at Google Search because now you can just chat VIRA.

VIRA BCA is Getting Smarter with its Ability to Serve Banking Transactions

Today, VIRA is getting smarter because now it is not limited to basic features. VIRA BCA, as the pioneers of intelligent chatbot banking with AI and NLP, has developed to serve further needs. 

Currently, VIRA BCA can serve a variety of banking transactions at BCA, such as checking account balances, checking mutations, and registering BCA credit cards. It’s terrific to know that banking services, which usually have to contact customer service, can now be done by merely chatting with VIRA. VIRA is smart, huh!

VIRA BCA is Available in The Most Popular Chat Application

Currently, VIRA is available in the most popular chat application in Indonesia, such as LINE Messenger, Facebook Messenger, and Google Assistant.

To chat with VIRA on the Facebook Messenger application, search for Bank BCA and make sure what you find is the one with the verified account logo behind Bank BCA.

To chat with VIRA on the LINE Messenger application, search for @BankBCA with verified logo and add as friend.

To chat with VIRA via Google Assistant, long-press the home button, or say ‘Ok Google,’ after the Google Assistant responds, say ‘talk to Bank BCA’ to chat with VIRA.

Both VIRA BCA and CINTA BNI are banking response to the challenges of the times. In today’s digital era, the need to find information must be effortless. The existence of smart chatbot banking such as VIRA BCA and CINTA BNI, which specifically serve the needs of banking information and services, will undoubtedly be a plus.

Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing in VIRA

Chatbots have long been with us, but chatbots with AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) is called upgrading. The AI ​​in the chatbot gives the ability for a chatbot to study user behavior so it can provide services/information that match the user’s profile.

Meanwhile, NLP or Natural Language Processing gives the ability for the chatbots to be able to communicate in a casual language, just like having a conversation with humans. This ability eliminates rigidity so that users can be more comfortable interacting with the chatbot.

AI and Natural Language Processing in a chatbot is a great combination. It can be programmed to give users what they need. With VIRA, hopefully, BCA can reach customers from the millennial generation who are known to be close to gadgets and technology.


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