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NewsWednesday May 5th, 2021

Checking Today’s Gold Rate

Checking the gold rate today can be done without having to visit the nearest gold shop. You can check the gold rate for Antam gold, old gold, and/or the latest precious metal from where you are sitting down now. Monitoring the gold rate can be done easily and conveniently using a smartphone. 

If you are using gold as an investment and would like to add some collection before Eid al Fitr, let’s first check the gold rate today online.

Two Ways to Check The Gold Rate Online

There are two ways of checking the gold rate online, first by visiting the gold shop and/or Pegadaian website. And second, you can check the gold rate by mobile apps.

(1) Check The Gold Rate Today via Website

The first way of checking the gold rate is by visiting the gold shop website, and it is most likely suitable for people who rarely need to check the gold rate without the intention of buying gold in routine. And please take note that the gold rate fluctuates highly.

Gold shops today are having their website online and they may be sure to put an average of the gold rate as a reference only. In other words, there may be a slight difference between the rates displayed on the website with the actual rates on the gold shop.

However, this method is worth trying as it won’t bother you to download and install a mobile app. If you want to buy gold as a gift or as a personal jewelry purchase, please check the following websites:

  1. Semar Nusantara
  2. Logam Mulia
  3. Indogold
  4. Laku Emas
  5. Sahabat Pegadaian

Aside from checking the above websites, try to visit official stores of well-known brands of gold in e-commerce or just simply type the keyword ‘gold rate today in the search bar Google.

(2) Check The Gold Rate Today via Mobile App

If you aim to collect gold as an investment, then you may want to install the mobile apps specified to monitor the gold rate. There are plenty of mobile apps specifically designed for displaying the gold rate in real-time. Just like we all know, the gold rate is highly fluctuating, and knowing the rate in real-time will help you to know the right time to sell and buy gold and earn profit from that.

The following is the mobile application specified to monitor the gold rate:

  1. Indogold
  2. Pegadaian Digital 
  3. Lakuemas
  4. E-mas 

Aside from the above-mentioned application, there are plenty of other mobile applications used to monitor the gold rate in real-time. However, please pay attention to the details of each application before deciding to make purchases on the app. Make sure to check the plus and minus sides of the app so that you can have seamless and smooth investing activities.



Photo by Jingming Pan on Unsplash

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