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NewsFriday February 19th, 2021

Get Started with Clubhouse, a Social Media…

Indonesian social media enlivened by news about the clubhouse over the last few days. The social media network, which was just released in March 2020, has been ‘endorsed’ by world figures known for its wealth, such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Vladimir Tenev. Now, the public is in curiosity, how do you join and use the clubhouse app?

Well, before you get your hopes up, we are reluctant to say that Clubhouse is limited to Apple users only. The main concept of Clubhouse lies in its exclusivity, so currently, no Clubhouse application is available for Android users. Even so, please don’t be discouraged. Now let’s find out how to use the Clubhouse application until the Android version is released, someday.


What is Clubhouse? 

The clubhouse is an invitation-only audio chat-based social networking, Clubhouse members will not share posts in the text but in live audio. However, live audio is the main feature on the app founded by Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth. The live audio will not be recorded and membership is very exclusive. But, the more difficult it to sign up, the bigger the curiosity, right?

Once you succeed in joining Clubhouse, you can talk, listen, and have an exciting topic for discussion with other Clubhouse members. Clubhouse allows its users to have a more intense interaction because everyone can talk. You will never be valued from visual appearance, but instead, Clubhouse value you from the content discussion and/or intelligence. This is what makes Clubhouse different from other social media networking that commonly adopts photo/image-based and/or text-based content.

Clubhouse members can open discussion on a topic in the room. Besides that, you can see a list of rooms created by other members, see who’s inside the room, and join the discussion.

When you join the Clubhouse, you can also join an exciting podcast-like room from experts. However, since the discussion will not be recorded, it is necessary for the member to stay online during the discussion to never miss any topics discussed.


How to Sign Up for Clubhouse?

Downloading and Installing the Clubhouse App will not guarantee you can join the Clubhouse. Until now, Clubhouse still an invite-only app and they also use a waiting list system. 

If you want to join Clubhouse via invitation, an existing member of Clubhouse must obtain your phone number to send the invitation. When the invitation sent to the phone, click the link and put your phone number.

Second, you can also join the Clubhouse via the waiting list. After downloading and installing the app, sign up for the Clubhouse. Choose your interest topics and an inspiring person you wish to follow. After that, you will be on the waiting list until a Clubhouse member invited you to join in.

Interesting, isn’t it? It is very exclusive that a Clubhouse member can only send invitations for two persons only. Therefore, Clubhouse member is very selective in sending an invitation that it makes the app even more exclusive. 


Clubhouse’s Supported Devices 

To this day, Clubhouse only available for Apple users such as iPhone (iOS 13 and above) and iPad (iPadOS 13 and above). iPhone below iOS 13 cannot run the Clubhouse app. Several types of iPhones that support the app such as iPhone SE (2016), iPhone 7, iPhone x, iPhone 12, and so on.  

After knowing exciting information about Clubhouse, do you wish to join Clubhouse soon? The clubhouse is the only social media networking where you can have direct discussions with world-known figures that experts on topics you might like. However, we strongly advise you to manage the time and stay fit while using the Clubhouse. Do not ever stay up late to join all the rooms in the Clubhouse.





Photo by Josh Rose on Unsplash


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