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NewsThursday November 19th, 2020

Tips for Success in Growing Business from…

President Director of Smartfren, Merza Fachys, shares his tips for success in growing a business and a career in the professional world. In his experience as the president director of Smartfren, Merza admits that he has implemented many strategies to be successful.

As quoted from, the following points are important for a successful career and business development from the President Director of Smartfren, Merza Fachys:


It is important to have integrity towards one’s work and responsibilities. As an individual, Merza admits that he tends to feel uneasy when his responsibilities are far from over.

Consistent, Persistent, Commitment

Apart from integrity, he also expressed the importance of being consistent, persistent, and fully committed to achieving targets. One of the work principles applied in the Smartfren environment is ‘targeting to be better than the best’.

Enjoyable and Fun Working Environment 

Our work environment currently dominated by the millennial generation. Therefore, he realizes it is important to create a comfortable and fun work environment to make his staff feel at home and free from stress while working in the office.

According to him, work must be in an enjoyable and fun atmosphere. Then, it is also important to understand each other’s responsibilities without having to look at the positions.

According to him, the position level doesn’t matter as long as everyone is on the right track and knows their respective duties. In working with the millennial generation, it is important to be friends with them.

Merza likes to have direct conversations with employees. He likes to visit the staff’s desk to have face-to-face communication because he thinks it is more effective to find alternative solutions to the problems at hand. 

A balance between Family and Work

According to this friendly man, family and work must be balanced, must be fair. Fair according to priority. When office priority is higher, then he put more time to work. If his family is in need, then he will be there for his family. 

According to him, it is important to be able to make good use of time, for example: when the office priority is low, he put his family in priority. While on duty or abroad, he often invites his family to come with him. So, he still makes time to enjoy moments with family. 

Employee’s Facility

Around 90% of Smartfren employees are the youth, under 40 years old. According to Merza, currently, Indonesia is blessed with a large number of productive workforce, and therefore, it must be absorbed properly. 

These ages are considered to be the most innovative and capable of producing new creations. The hope is that what Smartfren produces is what young people need today.

Millennials are seen for their creativity and better ways of working. These potentials must be well directed. It is also important to provide a comfortable workplace and non-oppressive rules to not stifle their creativity. The facilities provided must encourage creativity to make comfortable at work appears and be loyal to the company. 

Merza admitted that currently, Smartfren is still a relatively new and small telecommunication player, he dreams that in the near future Smartfren will be big and enter the top three in Indonesia.


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