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NewsFriday February 26th, 2021

Japanese Technology: Instantly Turn Presentation Slides into…

Talking about the latest Japanese technology, we are often amazed by the out-of-the-box ideas, often involving high-tech tools, and chances are, it is not yet to be found in Indonesia. 

One of the latest Japanese technologies that we consider sophisticated and have an out-of-the-box idea beneath it is Slideflow, which is a technology to instantly turn presentation slides into websites. 

In our opinion, this is a breakthrough, how can you think of creating a website from Google Slides and PowerPoint Presentation pages? Maybe some people think of this idea, but only Yagocoro made it into a reality.

Yagocoro, the Japanese Startup behind Slideflow

Yagocoro is a Japanese startup based in Tokyo. This startup was founded two years ago, to be precise in 2018, by Shinnosuke Ito and Masahiro Kawasaki. 

This company has just launched its latest advanced innovation, Slideflow, a tool that allows users to instantly build a website from  Google Slides and PowerPoint Presentation slide.

The initial idea started when Ito realized that there were still many people who felt that WIX, a platform for creating websites instantly, was still difficult to use. Then he also found that some businessmen in global consulting firms came to him asking for help on how to create a website using WIX.

Ito then thought that there shouldn’t be a big difference from the UX skills needed to create presentation slides and websites. This thinking is then combined with the fact that even WIX is still difficult for some people, not to mention the limited variety of template designs provided (around 600 templates).

This thought then inspired Ito to use PowerPoint slides to build websites. After all, there are about 500 million users of Microsoft tools globally, can you imagine how many designs can be created?

How the Slideflow work?

If you are familiar with PowerPoint presentations, did you know that you can export your presentation slides into HTML format?

The HTML output from the PowerPoint slide presentation is not enough for building websites. And therefore, this is the work of Slideflow. Slideflow will categorize images and text in slides based on layers and arrange them using HTML and CSS. 

However, the above process still doesn’t support responsiveness, links, and forms. Therefore, Slideflow uses open source tools webiny for generating code. 

The target of 6000 Templates in the First Year

For the first year of Slideflow, Ito hopes that there will be 6000 templates with 10 pages each. This is to differentiate them from similar platforms, for example, WIX, in terms of the number of templates available for use, while polishing the user experience.

Pricing details for the Slideflow aren’t available at this time, but it looks like they’ll be using a monthly subscription plan. Ito targets its annual revenue (ARR) after 3 years to be around 10 million US dollars. The company also offers additional functions such as website marketing, analytics, and e-commerce integration.

Japanese Standard Web Developer Company in Indonesia

It is unknown whether the Slideflow by Yagocoro is available in Indonesia, and it is unknown whether it will support the creation of websites in Bahasa Indonesia. So, for everyone who wishes to create a website, web system, or e-commerce development, there is no other way but to contact a web developer company.

There are many web developer companies in Indonesia, but the best choices are not many. AsiaQuest Indonesia, as an IT consultant, as well as an Indonesian web developer company, provides quality services and Japanese standards services.

Our years of experience working on projects such as websites, web systems, and eCommerce is strong evidence of how much we are reliable to become your ideal business partner. Contact us now for more information about the services and products we provide.


Photo by Nghia Nguyen on Unsplash

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