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NewsMonday February 15th, 2021

Bosch IoT Hackathon Competition in Indonesia

If your mind is filled with tons of ideas around IoT, why don’t try to join the Bosch IoT Hackathon? The competition is a place where you can make the dreams come true. With the tagline Bring your ideas to Life, Bosch IoT Hackathon is a place for the Indonesian young initiator to pitch their ideas into something real and useful. Besides that, the young initiator can have the opportunity to formulate solutions to various issues in Indonesia through the adoption of IoT in Indonesia.

The competition also gives the opportunity for the Indonesian young initiator to utilize the Bosch IoT EcoSystem. If you have a little bit of knowledge about IoT, it is good for you to sharpen the knowledge and skill in business by joining the competition. Are you not interested now?  


Details on Bosch IoT Hackathon Competition 

The Bosch IoT Hackathon competition challenges its participants with 5 fields. These 5 challenges are smart mobility, smart manufacturing, smart agriculture/aquaculture, smart cities, and social impact. If you have brilliant ideas in these five fields, don’t hesitate to join the competition?


How to Join Bosch IoT Hackathon Competition

  1. Create a team with a maximum of three members. Together, pitch ideas of IoT based on the topics set. Use Bosch XDK when working on ideas.  
  2. Register for the competition by download and fill the registration form provided by the organization.  
  3. The team with the best ideas will be invited to join the Customer Interview Stage. 
  4. After that, 10 teams with the highest accumulation score will be invited to the Bosch IoT Hackathon. 

It is important to note that this is the requirement for Bosch IoT Hackathon 2019 on 16-17 Oktober 2020. While waiting for the next Bosch IoT Hackathon, create a team now and find ideas to answer various issues in Indonesia.  



Image by Jean van der Meulen from Pixabay

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