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NewsWednesday July 15th, 2020

Using Bike-Sharing in Jakarta

During COVID19 pandemic people grow their fondness over cycling. Cycling became an alternative way to kill boredom after the long days of staying at home. As the proverb says ‘kill two birds with one stone’, cycling can restore the minds’ to freshness as well as keeping the body healthy and fit.

It is no wonder that cycling has become a very popular activity in the capital city during the COVID19 pandemic. All of sudden, the demand for bicycles is bounce to its peak. The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government saw this new hype in society and started to take action.

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government decided to accommodate the needs of the bicycle by providing bike-sharing facilities and is called GoWes contactless. GoWes contactless is very affordable for all of the people. We describe how to rent GoWes contactless down below.

What is Bike Sharing? 

Seeing the high interest in cycling in the capital city, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government is collaborating with PT Gowes Teknologi Indonesia and the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy to present bike-sharing. Bike-sharing is a bicycle rental by using the GoWes application. GoWes apps adopting a contactless system that is considered as much more safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. The contactless system reduces the risk of contact with other people to a minimum level. 

Bike-sharing is a solution for people with minimum budget but still want to enjoy the hype of cycling. Bike-sharing will save you millions of rupiahs since you don’t have to buy a new bicycle. Going to work or just hanging around the city can be done with bike-sharing. Bike-sharing is now available in the capital city. There are 200 units bike available and spread across nin GoWes parking zones.

Where can I find GoWes Parking Zones? 

At this time, GoWes parking zones are only available in nine locations. Quoted from, here are the nine GoWes locations:

MRT Station in Bundaran HI, Mayor of Central Jakarta (Prasasti Museum), Tanah Abang Station, Sinar Mas Building (front), City Hall Bus Stop (south side), Abdul Muis Technical Service Building, Jatibaru Technical Service Building, and Pelican Crossing Bus Stop HI (east and west sides).

How Much Does Bike Sharing Cost? 

Bike-sharing facilities are offered at a very affordable cost. You only need to pay Rp 3000 for a 15-minute usage. Make sure you return the bike in the GoWes parking zone so that you don’t get a fine. Also, you will be charged a penalty of Rp 50000 for careless parking. 

How to Rent a Bike-Sharing in Jakarta?

We will share tips on how to easily rent a bike-sharing in Jakarta through the GoWes application. But first, please download the GoWes application on the Play Store and App Store below. After that, follow the steps below. 

  1. Make a cash top-up on your GoWes account. Cash is needed to unlock the padlock on the bike. 
  2. To unlock the padlock, scan the QR Code on the unit to use the bike.
  3. Then how to end the trip? Put the bike in the designated GoWes parking zone. Find the nearest GoWes parking zone and manually lock the padlock bike and scan the QR Code to end the rental process. If you don’t scan the QR Code, the timecard will still run. 

With bike-sharing, you can go cycling in Jakarta easy, practical, and safe. When you go cycling please always follow health and safety protocol as stated by the government. For affordable and easy cycling? Use GoWes Bike-Sharing!

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