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BlogMonday January 4th, 2021

Big Data for Health

BIG Data is a key topic in the development of digital technology today. BIG Data has many benefits and therefore it is used in many, e-commerce, streaming video and music, politics, social media, and now it is also being used in healthcare.

Big data for health can be used together with artificial intelligence technology to get a picture or prediction of health in a big population.

BPPT (Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology) on its Instagram page states that Big Data can be used in the utilization of the integrity of national health data, especially regarding COVID19 patients. It can store a large amount of information about people infected with the COVID19 virus.


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Information collected is then processed to be used as a tool to identify new cases. In the future, case identification will minimize the use of human labor, so that existing manpower and resources can be allocated to maximize better health services.

“FYI! Teknopren, #BigData, Cloud, and #AI Artificial intelligence is used to give a prediction on the health status of a population, such as ODP patients (covid suspect), and keep on updated its health status,” said BPPT on their Instagram account (31/10/2020).

In addition, through the same platform (Instagram), the Head of BPPT Hammam Riza said that #BigData can be developed by combining medical records and population data in one platform through the Internet of Things to achieve #IndonesiaSatuData through #BigData for the nation in a comprehensive manner.

Big Data Indonesia and Its Role for Health

Big Data is an interesting and hot topic to be discussed today. If you still familiar with Big Data, please read our review of Big Data in the article “Getting to Know BIG Data and Why It Matters”.

Big Data talks about very large data sets, it is so large that the human brain and energy will be impossible to process the data for its benefit.

Data processing in Big Data requires the help of machines, which today are usually artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. These technologies are capable of processing enormous amounts of data to draw important conclusions.

An example role of Big Data for health is in dealing with an epidemic or pandemic. A large amount of data about patients during an epidemic or pandemic can be collected, analyzed so that they can provide useful conclusions the next time.

Patient data including the history of illness can also be stored digitally so that it can be processed using artificial intelligence. Thus, the next time, the patient’s medical history search will no longer be manual and can be done quickly.

Currently, Big Data has been used by several health applications, such as Hadoop technology to monitor patient vital conditions, Valence Health to improve service quality and reimbursement, Hadoop for cancer and genomics treatment, Unitedhealthcare which is engaged in insurance, and Liaison Technologies which focuses on cloud-based solutions for healthcare organizations.


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