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NewsWednesday September 2nd, 2020

Google Offers 100,000 Scholarship for Career Certification

In the agenda of economic recovery in the US, Google offers 100,000 scholarships for career certification. The scholarship is granted for US citizens who are interested in build a career in digital technology. The scholarship is pack in the Google Career Certificates program, a non-degree certification program opens for everyone.

The scholarship awardee will have the opportunity to get a certification for three types of professional, e.g: Project Manager, UX designer, and Data Analyst. These three types of professional workers are chosen for they promise a high salary in return. Besides, those three are in high demand now and companies do not review the background of education for applicants.

Google certification can be used as an additional supporting element for people who wish to work in IT companies. Even when applicants don’t have a degree in computer science, the companies will still consider hiring if they prove to have the skills required for those positions. The scholarship offer is claimed to be perfect for current conditions where many Americans are unable to get a degree. Even when they have no degree from universities, they still can hone their skills that fit with the requirements.

The Google Online Career Certification Scholarship program will available globally. Everyone in the world who wish to join the scholarship must find the details in Coursera. But, please take note that the courses will only available in English. After completing the program, the scholarship awardee can join an internship program from Google. The internship program is Google’s commitment to helps the awardee experience the real working environment.

Google opens the program in the hope that it can help people in need to find prospective jobs and good salaries. The program is a new hope for everyone who dreams to reach higher positions even when they have degrees from reputable universities.


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