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NewsFriday October 30th, 2020

Top 5 Universities with The Best Computer…

The need for IT personnel both in Indonesia and in the global world is high. Therefore, no matter where you build your career, graduates in Computer Science and Information Systems will definitely be needed. However, if you wish to pursue a career in a big corporation with abundant financial benefits, you better start at a world-class university. It might cost you more money, but don’t worry, a scholarship for potential students is always available. Below, we’ve collected some of the world-class university with the best computer science and information system available.

These five universities are chosen as they are listed in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021: Computer Science & Information System. The list is done by using six main criteria, such as academic reputation, employee reputation, students at the faculty, international faculty, international student, and citation in each faculty.

After calculating the score for all of these criteria, they get the list of universities with the best Computer Science and Information Systems majors in the world. Let’s check the list below:


5. Tsinghua University/ China (Rank 15)

The rapid growth in the economy and technology of China almost outperform the US and Japan. China has known to offer high-quality universities to its people and to the world. One of them is Tsinghua University. Tsinghua University has the best Computer Science and Information Technology, so we put them on the list here. 

In the global rank, this university is in 15th place with a total score is 89,2. The interesting fact is, they get the highest score of 98,6 for the category employee reputation. Thus, they will ensure you get access to the best quality of education. Don’t forget that they have 5.420 international students, it must be fun to be part of these students, isn’t it?

Check Tsinghua University Score


4. National University of Singapore/ Singapore (Rank 11) 

The National University of Singapore is ranked in the 11th, they are one level better from the previous year’s rank.  In Asia and southeast Asian regions, their Computer Science and Information System majors are in the top position. If you want to get the best education without being far from your home country Indonesia, why don’t you try your best to get in the NUS?

NUS scored in total as much as 91,5 points. Their highest point gains are in the category of international faculty with a 100 point score. Studying in NUS will get you access to research from the Asian perspective. Thus, you can develop technology that is suitable for Asian countries. 

Check National University of Singapore Score


3. ETH Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology/ Swiss (Rank 6) 

Nobody thought that one of the universities in Switzerland is in the top 10 of the 2021 QS World University Ranking. ETH Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is ranked sixth among the best universities in the UK and America. With a total score of 95, they outperform the University of Cambridge in the seventh position.

If you look at their score in each category, they are excellent in terms of international faculty with perfect gains of a score. Aside from that, they have another attractive side such as a magnificent campus building just like the colosseum. They also use the German language for undergraduate programs, while English is used in graduate and postgraduate programs. 

Check ETH Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Score


2. University of Oxford/ Inggris Raya (Rank 5) 

If you have less interest in studying on US campuses, you can choose one of the best universities in Great Britain, the University of Oxford. The world’s brilliant physicist, Stephen Hawking, was once studying on this campus. So we can say the University of Oxford is among the top class university in the world. 

In QS World University Ranking 2021, the University of Oxford is ranked five with a total score of 96,7, their lowest score gain is in citations with 81,3 points. It is interesting to note that the Computer Science department here provides a limited seat quota for new students, so we can say that the competition is extremely tight. If you accepted here, you will be joined in the networking of 250.000 University of Oxford graduates! 

Check University of Oxford Score


1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology/ Amerika Serikat (Rank 1)

Do you put your future career above anything else? If the answer is yes, then we suggest you pick the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US. Graduates from MIT have proven their quality and success in building a business. As quoted by The Guardian, MIT graduates have provided job opportunities for 3 million people and built 25.000 companies!

MIT has a very satisfying QS World University ranking. They get a total score of 100 out of 100. Meanwhile, the lowest score is 91.9 for international students. So, do you want to help them get a better score increase in the coming year? Try to apply to MIT and become an international student there!

Check Massachusetts Institute of Technology Score


Actually, there are a lot of US campuses that are in the top 10, however, we intentionally select campuses from various continents to provide a wide range of alternatives. Pick the best campuses of your dream now to gain a better future later. 

In conclusion, a better campus may lead to a better brighter career future. You will have the freedom to pursue an international career with international skills. It even more fun to build an international career future as you can study, hone skills, and take a road trip sometimes, who knows?



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