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NewsFriday December 11th, 2020

AQI Outing to Malang in 2018

After considering few options, we pick Malang as the next destination for the AQI outing in 2018. Malang in recent years becomes the most favored destination among the Indonesian traveler. It even featured in a famous big hit Indonesian movie, 5cm. We then assured that Malang is the best destination to hold the AQI outing. We held an AQI outing to Malang on May 4-6 2018.

Aside from its famous name, Malang also has many tourist attractions to accommodate all of the staffs’ desires. They have educational tourism spots, historical tourism spots, nature, and adventure. We even went to Probolinggo at the dawn for chasing the sunrise at Bromo mountain! Now, our events feel more like on the 5cm movie!


AQI Outing to Malang 2018: Get lost in the Maze!

Taman labirin AQI outing ke Malang

If you watch the 5cm movie, then you will know that our outing concept feels similar to the one in the movie, although we are not planning to hike the tallest mountain in Java, Semeru Mountain. Also, our Jakarta staff use airplanes to reach Malang, while the Jogja staff use trains from Tugu station to Malang.

Air Terjun Coban Rondo AQI Outing ke Malang 2018

After that, all team members gathered in Malang and starts the outing. The first agenda is visiting Coban Rondo waterfall and Maze park. While on the Maze Park, we can try various tourist attractions such as the flying fox, games inside the maze, and archery.

Our next timeline is Angkut Museum and dinner.


Hunting Sunrise in Bromo

Sunrise di Bromo

On the second day, AQI team members are waking up early around 03.00 AM to start the trip to Bromo for hunting sunrise. After the team gathered, we leave by jeep through the darkness of the night on the uphill and winding roads, towards Mount Bromo. On the road uphill, we have issues with one of the jeeps on the way, however, we managed to reach the location and enjoy the beautiful sunrise on Mount Bromo!

Sunrise Bromo

Savana Kawah Bromo AQI Outing ke Malang 2018

The fun thing is, we also do a small hike to the popular Bromo Crater! While we were in Bromo, we also explored this area completely. We deliberately chose the savanna area for lunch.

With a gentle breeze and the beauty of the Bromo mountains, we enjoy a meal as well as relaxing the muscles. After months of just sitting in the office, climbing Bromo Crater is shock therapy for muscles.


Malang Nightlife and Apple Picking Tour the next day

Nightlife Malang BNS

Do you think that the agenda for the second day ends at Bromo? Well, of course not. After a short break at the inn, we continued our journey to Jatim Park III and BNS. The two spots do not require a lot of physical activity, so they are suitable for closing the second-day activity.

Talking about Malang, we certainly shouldn’t miss the apple picking tour. Therefore, we did an apple picking activity on the last day of the outing! Apart from picking and enjoying fresh apples straight from the tree, we also gain new knowledge about apples. Armed with information from apple farmers, now we are not only good at coding but also good at choosing super-quality apples!

Memetik Apel di Malang

Memetik Apel di Malang 2

Finally, the outing has come to the closing. The outing was closed with shopping for Malang souvenirs before returning to the cities. A little story, outing is an annual event held by the company to improve employee teamwork.

AQI has two offices, the Jakarta Office and the Yogyakarta Branch Office. With this outing, it is hoped that all employees can get to know each other even though they rarely meet. After seeing the excitement of this outing, it looks like the company’s mission has succeeded. see you in future outings!


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