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NewsWednesday November 11th, 2020

Meet Aespa, Futuristic Korean Girlband Who Welcome…

Technology is now expanding to the entertainment sectors. The latest trend, the SM Entertainment (SM E), a famous entertainment company in South Korea who decided to start a debut for a futuristic Korean girl band that adopts AI, Aespa! Aespa consists of four members, Winter, Giselle, Karina, and Ningning. The unique thing is that each member has their own AI avatar!

The Main Producer of SM E, Lee So Man, has stated his intention to bring K-Pop to another different level. With digitalization in hands, the world’s population lifestyle will also change, and to fulfill this demand, SM E has designed an innovative project named SM Culture Universe. Through the SM Culture Universe, SM E will be the bridge between the life of humans and robots.

This innovative vision started will Aespa debut on November 17, 2020. If we see it from the teaser debut, Aespa adopts a limitless connection between the real world and the cyber world. In the future, fans can have a unique experience by idolizing humans and their virtual versions idol.

Aespa Welcoming Both Human and Virtual Member “æ”

It is interesting to note that Aespa is a combination of ‘æ’ from “Avatar X Experience” and “Aspect”. Seeing its names, can you imagine the concept of this futuristic girl band? The Aespa character can interact with fans as they have AI inside. Every virtual member will have the name ‘æ’ following by the human version name. As an example, Karina will have a virtual member named æ-Karina,

Before Aespa, the world is amazed by the Vocaloid character from Japan who adopts the virtual idol concept. Vocaloid is a software that produces voice from Yamaha Corporation. The song from Vocaloid is perfect with a 2-dimensional character that sings the songs. This Vocaloid character becomes an idol without any human form in it. One of the famous Vocaloid characters is Hatsune Miku.

Compare to Vocaloid, Aespa comes with a plus as it is a combination of human and the virtual character. Thus, Aespa is considered to reach the bigger market, the K-Pop market, and the techies market. 

The conclusion is, the growth of technology has brought the entertainment world to an unimaginary level. Vocaloid and Aespa are proof that technology can be enjoyed in another fun way. So, do you choose human or virtual members? 



Image by SM Entertainment


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