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NewsTuesday July 21st, 2020

Interesting Facts About AQI Yogyakarta Branch Office…

Have you ever heard an Indonesian proverb tak kenal maka tak sayang? The proverb is telling us to get to know something if we want to love it. That’s why we want to let you know about our AQI Yogyakarta Branch Office because we want you to love us (no, just kidding).

We want you to know our company, especially the AQI Yogyakarta Branch Office. Therefore, we will share several interesting facts about our branch office in Jogja. It will be about the history, facilities, and other trivial things that might be known only in our internal team.

So let’s get started!

In the beginning, We start the office with only 5 persons!

The AQI Yogyakarta Branch Office was established in 2014. We started with only five (5) persons at that time. Just like any other company, we’ve gone through ups and downs to finally be standing strong today. We’ve grown bigger and bigger with more personnel from time to time and make a solid IT team like we are today.

Currently, we have various experts working in various fields, from back end developer, front end developer, graphic designer, mobile developer, content writer, and so on. With a solid team, we can serve the client’s needs at our best efforts.

Yogyakarta Development Center VS Yogyakarta Branch Office

If you happened to have a bit of knowledge about our company, you might know as well that we started the AQI Yogyakarta Branch Office as AQI Yogyakarta Development Center. The AQI Yogyakarta Development Center was the IT development center for the AsiaQuest Indonesia in Jakarta. But, as time goes by, our business grows and we want to expand.

That’s why in 2020 the AQI Yogyakarta Development Center name is no longer on use. We are now the AQI Yogyakarta Branch Office. The new name is a turning point for us as a grown company.

Started in Bantul Before Settle in Sleman

The AQI Yogyakarta Branch Office now are settling in Jl Pringgodani No 19, Santren, Caturtunggal, Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta. It is not to hard to find our office since it is exactly across from the Apartemen Sejahtera Building (Apartemen Merah) in Demangan. If you are familiar with Google Maps, find our office at Google Maps too.

Before we move our office to Demangan, we started the AQI Yogyakarta Development Center in Bantul Yogyakarta. We’re quite having a long history there since we stayed in Bantul from 2014 to 2019. The AQI Yogyakarta Development Center were previously located in Jalan Tambak, Perumahan Green Garden No C19, Ngestiharjo, Kasihan, Bantul, Yogyakarta.

Our former office at Bantul is a house inside an elite housing complex. There are 4 rooms in the house, one big room, 3 small rooms, 3 bathrooms, and a pantry. The four rooms were used as an office room, a meeting room, and a prayer room. Our business expands and we need more space as our number of personnel grows. Finally, after six (6) years in Bantul, we are moved to a bigger office in Demangan in 2019.

New Office, Bigger Room, Better Facilities

Yogyakarta Branch Office

The decision to move our base is because the previous office in Bantul can no longer hold a bigger team. Also, the facilities in the previous office are not sufficient enough and the location itself is less strategic. It is a little bit too west from the center of Yogyakarta. 

Considering the comfortability and the business operational, we then move to the new office in Demangan. Demangan area is strategically located and easily accessible from all around the city or other cities around DIY.

See our new office look

Our former office in Bantul has only 1 Floor, but now our new office in Demangan has 3 Floors. Thus, the new office in Demangan has more space to accommodate a bigger number of employees. Currently, we use the 1st Floor as an office space, two meeting rooms, a prayer room, a bathroom, and a pantry.

Meanwhile, the 2nd Floor is the branch manager’s office room, the lead developer room, server room, a pantry, and sport space. We provide table tennis (ping pong table) to bring the fun at the office during an office break or after office hours.

Comfortable and Stressed-Free Home Office

If you pay attention to both previous and current office space, we try to keep one thing forever, it is the homey feeling. Office with the home concept will create a homey feeling. We want our employees to think that the office is not the second home, but their first home since mostly we spend our daily hours at the office.

The employees spend 9 hours a day at the office, that’s why we design the office space as comfortable as a home. We don’t want our employees to feel uncomfortable and stressed due to work pressure or the unconducive office environment.

We prepared a special spot for the employees to have a chill and relax during office hours. Employees can also have a chill and relax at our cafe-like pantry.

Experienced in Handling Projects from Japan

Our IT experts in AQI Yogyakarta Branch Office are experienced in handling projects. Since the beginning of our office, we have handled hundreds of projects from Japanese companies. The projects were mainly web development, internet marketing and SEO, system maintenance and support, mobile apps development, Kintone, and many more.

We are not only handling projects from Japanese companies in Indonesia but also companies in Japan. It is no wonder that we strive to do better by using only the latest technology with the Japanese standard of services.

Are the above facts about our office interesting enough? If you want to know more about our office or our services, please let us know by contacting (0274) 292 2127 or send an inquiry to [email protected]. You can also visit our new office in Demangan, at the office hours from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm.

AQI Yogyakarta Branch Office
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