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NewsTuesday September 15th, 2020

English Night with AsiaQuest Member

After celebrating the 8th Birthday Anniversary of AsiaQuest Indonesia, we held an English Night for all of the team members. The English Night held via online room started at 6 pm to 7.30 pm and attended by team members from AsiaQuest Japan (AQJ), AsiaQuest Malaysia (AQM), and AsiaQuest Indonesia (AQI).

The English Night held to increase the team members’ skills in English speaking as well as strengthening the bond between team members. However, the English Night is not a mandatory activity to attend, employees voluntarily joined the English Night because they want to increase their English speaking skills.

Our event host, Yoshie Kobayashi, realizes that it needs a lot of courage for people to learn foreign languages and we can’t simply force them to join the class. Therefore, everyone in the team may come late, leave early, mute the microphone, and turn off the camera.

Begin with Ice Breaking and Introduction

On the first day of English Night, our topic was an introduction from each of the participants. The class opened by three hosts, Yoshie Kobayashi from AQI, Sonoka Sakurai, and Hanief Muhammad Erbakan from AQJ.

Our hosts present their profiles, including name, nickname, origin, occupation, and hobbies, After the introduction, the following sections are icebreaking in the form of quizzes in English. And after that, each of the participants was given the chance to introduce themselves.

Aside from the above topics, participants can add other information such as major/degree in college, favorite food, hobbies, favorite manga or anime, places in Japan and Indonesia which they want to visit. With a lot of topics, participants have more information about themselves to be share.

When a participant has finished introducing him/herself, other participants may ask questions. English Night went smoothly and successfully. Employees who cannot join this session can join the English Night at the next meeting!

Image cover: Tumisu dari Pixabay

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