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NewsWednesday September 16th, 2020

AQI Jakarta Gathering to Bogor Botanical Garden

In AQI, we have a non-work activity that is held regularly every once every two months, we called it AQI gathering. Usually, at the AQI gathering, the staff at the AQI Jakarta office and AQI Yogyakarta branch office will have dinner at each office. But, aside from dinner, staffs are open to proposing another option on how they will do the AQI gathering, it can be dinner, a trip to a tourist spot, swimming, or watching movies at the cinema.

This time, on July 2019, our staff at the AQI Jakarta office decided to have their gathering back to nature. As Jakarta dominated with skyscrapers and super busy activities, going back to nature by a picnic in the wild is never a bad idea.

AQI Jakarta

Considering this, our staff at the AQI Jakarta office decided to have a picnic as their gathering. Our choice was to go to Bogor Botanical Garden to breathe some fresh air and release stress.

Take a Look Our Fun Times When Visiting Bogor Botanical Garden!

AQI Jakarta Gathering ke Kebun Raya Bogor 2

Can you guess how fun our gathering this time was? Even when we went on Saturday or outside office hours, our staff were looked so happy as they will go on a picnic. Usually, staffs spend their weekends by getting some sleep quietly at home or hang out with friends at the mall, it seems that going back to nature is the best way.

Go on a picnic to nature is the best to spend with friends, food, and games. Thus, our gathering becomes super fun! Our gathering was such fun, as fun as when we had an outing. It doesn’t cost much money and the staffs were so happy because they can escape for a while from a boring routine.

AQI Jakarta Gathering

After having games, we took a picture together. After that, we visited a restaurant inside the Bogor Botanical Garden to enjoy some cuisines. The restaurant adopting natural concepts to let the visitors had a relaxed and quiet atmosphere when enjoying the food.

Finally, our gathering is successfully be held. Hopefully, we will have more of these activities in the future. At the current time, due to the new coronavirus, it is difficult just to go out from home. However, you can go back to outdoor activities when the pandemic is over.

AQI gathering is one of the privileges given by the company for the employees. If you wish to work in a digital company with a strong sense of kinship and a fun working environment, we encourage you to join our team. Now we are looking for young talent for front-end developers and back-end developers. Drop your CV on our career page.

AQI Gathering
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