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NewsThursday November 12th, 2020

4 Benefits of Working at AsiaQuest Indonesia

Are you still hesitating to pursue a career in our company? Well, hopefully, our article today that reviewing the 4 benefits of working at AsiaQuest Indonesia can brighten up your day and clears all turmoil. As a company, AsiaQuest Indonesia is considered young, however, we have been involved in many projects. A healthy and wealthy company will bring prosperous life to the employees. And, for this reason, AQI employees can access some attractive privileges offered by the company!

What are the benefits of working at AsiaQuest Indonesia? 


1. Free Dine and Road Trip! 

Free dine and a road trip is two of the most favorite benefits, almost anybody can’t resist it! It is as if the company knows what the employees likes, they prepared a benefit called gathering. The gathering is then divided into two types, the gathering every two months and the annual gathering.

The gathering every two months is held in each branch office and usually filled with a dinner together. This benefit is certainly fascinating especially for the wandering kid for they can have a  fancy dinner with special menus.

Take a peek at our fun gathering in our special articles below. 

  1. AQI Jogja Gathering To Kimukatsu Resto
  2. AQI Jakarta Gathering To Bogor Botanical Garden

Besides the monthly event, the company also prepared a special annual gathering event by holding a road trip visiting domestics and overseas tourist destinations. The annual gathering is a moment for all of the employees on each branch offices to meet and shared the trip together. 

Until now, we have visited several tourism spots in several cities like Yogyakarta, Bandung, Malang, and Malaysia. Unfortunately, our 2020 gathering that should be done in Bali has to be canceled due to the COVID19 pandemic. 

2. Special Benefit for Marriage and Baby Birth

For the single ladies and gentlemen, we suggest you apply your resume soon. If you’re getting married when you hired at our company, the management will give special benefit for marriage. Also, the management has prepared special benefits too for baby birth. Working at AsiaQuest will give you many benefits, for example, a competitive salary, special benefits for marriage, and baby birth. 


3. Reward for Perfect Attendance 

Our company has its own way to motivate its employees in coming to the office on time or before due. If you can maintain the record for full in a month, the company will reward you with a reward point. The reward point can be redeemed for various products and vouchers. 

Vouchers, top-up phone credit, trip package, spa, electronics, and many more products are available. Employees who have a birthday will also be rewarded with points. The point rewarded for birthdays is double the perfect attendance reward point. Are you not interested now?


4.  Remote Working without Salary deduction! 

The remote working policy has been set effective by the management of AsiaQuest Indonesia since 17 August 2020. With the Monthly Workday Allocation policy, employees can spend 50% of their work quota or a maximum of 10 days by remote working without any deductions from their salary!

Everyone who gets bored quickly at the office can find new nuances by working wherever you like. And yes, this Monthly Workday Allocation policy has nothing to do with the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though the pandemic has ended, employees can still take up remote working in accordance with established regulations.

The benefits of working at AsiaQuest Indonesia turn out to be quite tempting, right? If you are interested now, you can send us your resume.

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