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NewsFriday September 25th, 2020

Apple Builds Unique Floating Stores in Singapore

For shopping queens who like to travel to Singapore, now your shopping agenda will even more fascinating with the Apple Marina Bay Sands. It is not an ordinary shop, because it is an Apple floating store. This Apple store was built in a touristy area, Marina Bay.

It is certain that in the future this shop will become a favorite shopping destination in Singapore. Previously, Apple had opened two stores in Orchard Road and Jewel Changi Airport. As quoted from, CEO Tim Cook also planned to open another Apple store in Singapore when he saw the Apple Store on Orchard Road looked crowded.  

This third shop was built in Marina Bay so that it was named Apple Marina Bay Sands. While walking around Marina Bay Sands, you can buy Apple products at the store with a unique concept!

Unique Concept at Apple Marina Bay Sands

The shop is built floating on the water with a magnificent round shape and a futuristic concept. For the outdoor, the building will be dominated by gray wall paint. However, when night falls, this round gray building will be bathed in light. This makes the Apple Marina Bay Sands no less sparkling than the surrounding buildings. 

And then, the Apple logo will turn red when illuminated with light. Apple is never tired of experimenting with its store. The construction of this floating Apple Store is a symbol that Apple really supports the creative process. Thus, Apple Marina Bay Sands in Singapore has been named the world’s first floating Apple store! 

Are you looking forward to shopping at this cool place? Unfortunately, the opening date for this unique Apple store is not yet certain. Once opened, Apple plans to implement health protocols as a preventive measure for the spread of COVID-19. So, please wait for details on the opening of Apple Marina Bay Sands. 

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