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BlogThursday October 15th, 2020

Track Body Temperature with These 4 Applications

Fever is one of the early symptoms of COVID19. It is no surprise that when the pandemic strikes, the thermometer is very rare to be found as people buy it up. The price itself, especially the one with infrared technology, is all of sudden skyrocketed.

The thermometers gun is scarce as people everywhere start to hunt for them. Even so, now it seems that the thermometer is a must-have item in every first aid kit at home.

Also, for medical purposes, there’s nothing wrong with using a mobile application that can be used to record and track body temperature. In addition to a neat record of body temperature in the mobile app, you can also get important recommendations related to certain body temperatures.

The public can now try a body temperature tracking application as an early prevention measure for the symptoms of COVID19. Below we have summarized four body temperature tracking applications available on the PlayStore and Apple Store.

1. Fever Tracker

Fever Tracker is an application used to measure body temperature. This application was developed by doctors and can be used simultaneously for the whole family. It can be used to track fever, record it in the application, and share the information with the doctor.

In addition to tracking and recording fever, Fever Tracker can be used to record drug doses.

Download Fever Tracker on Google Play.

2. Thermo – Smart Fever Management

Thermo – Smart Fever Management is a mobile application used to help you and your family in tracking fever. The application is used with Thermo, the smart thermometer from Nokia. The Thermo mobile app will automatically synchronize temperature readings by using Wifi or Bluetooth. Each user can view a complete history of temperature readings in the timeline.

In addition to that, the Thermo app can also be used to record drug usage history. You can also add comments, add pictures/photos of rashes if any.

Download the Thermo – Smart Fever Management on Google Play.

3. iCelsius

The iCelcius is an application that allows users to turn their cell phones into a digital thermometer. However, you still need a piece of hardware called a probe which is available on their page If you do not have a probe, the application will run in demo mode.

The application will read the temperature, create a chart, and create alerts. 

4. Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer

If you are looking for a health application that can be used for the whole family, then the Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer is the answer. Using a thermometer and an application, you can do several things below:

  1. Create a profile for each member of the family to keep track of fever
  2. automatically records the date, time, and location of temperature measurement (mouth, rectum/anus, or in the armpit)
  3. Track the history of temperature measurements by each family member in days, weeks, even years.
  4. Fever Insight to quickly find out the meaning of certain body temperature. The application screen will change from green, yellow, to red based on the temperature reading.
  5. Set reminders to measure body temperature and medicine dosage.
  6. See trends over time by looking at the temperature history from the graphs created. You can add notes to each temperature reading to record symptoms, medications, etc.
  7. For medical purposes, you can export data and share the information with the doctor.


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