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NewsWednesday September 30th, 2020

Ethics in Developing AI

Artificial Intelligence should never develop recklessly. In the wrong hands, AI can become a dangerous weapon. It is more dangerous when the strong AI comes to the human world and the human brain can be copied 100%. For this reason, the development of AI should have to pay serious attention to ethics.

By understanding ethics in developing AI, developers can create technology that is safe and comfortable for everyone. Users can use AI technology in their daily lives without any hesitation. To make this dream come true, developers should have a strong sense regarding security, privacy, transparency, and equal access to everyone.

How this development ethics can affect the user comfortability in using AI? As the revealed, the ethics in developing AI are in the passages below.

Protect Users; Privacy and security

One of the important factors in developing AI is privacy and security. We must guarantee that users’ data is not public and should be protected from theft or being misused. How can we do that? The developers should develop AI under the law of privacy. Thus, all processes from data collection to storage will never abuse the users.

Transparency for Easy Understanding

Developers must ensure that users understand the AI system before started to operate it. In other words, users should know the benefit of using AI, as well as identifying the risk that might occur with the AI services.

Equity for All Users

Human is always subjective, but technology can’t go the same way. Technology must ensure equality and fairness for everyone. Thus, AI will give the same recommendations regardless of the background of the users. This trait has been the biggest work AI developers should have done, to build an equal and fair system of AI without any other tendencies.

Reliable System

Technology is said to be successful work when it can be operated with a clear parameter. The pros and cons of this technology are measured since the development stage. In that way, AI technology is reliable even on unexpected occasions.

Promote Inclusivity

Do you wish to develop AI that can be applied to multiple conditions and available for all types of users? Well, then, the key to that is inclusivity. By thinking about inclusivity, AI can help users in solving environmental problems or products.

AI System with Good Accountability

A developer must responsible for the product he/she creates. From the design phase, the development stage, to the products being operated by users. This ethic is a fixed price. Every technology that has been developed has its consequences and it becomes responsible.



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