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BlogTuesday June 2nd, 2020

10 Best Apps to Work From Home…

During the COVID19 pandemic, the economy is getting sluggish since the transportation and tourism sectors are banned from officials’ government. But for those who are lucky enough to still get a job/work to do and get paid from that, then you should be grateful. Because many others are struggle to earn money during the COVID19 pandemic.

If you are one of the lucky enough to experience #workfromhome and getting paid every month, then you should take benefit from this crucial yet blissful moment by working as good as you can. Not to mention that work from home might be lack of this and that in terms of productivity, we would like to help.

We’ve listed down 10 best apps to work from home productively during the COVID19 pandemic. The 10 apps down below are offering many excellent features to keep your work at ease. Now, you can work from home as comfortable as working in the office.

10 Best Apps to Work from Home Productively

For office workers that lucky enough to enjoy the exclusiveness of working from home, we’ve collected 10 best apps to become your ideal companion in working at home. Pay attention to our list below and give a try! 

1. Nozbe

With the lack of supervision, many people tend to be less productive during WFH. But Nozbe is available to help you boost your productivity. Nozbe enables users to create a to-do-list to track tasks and set priorities for each task daily. In that way, you can focus on doing high priority tasks first and no more procrastinating work.

You can also track other team members’ tasks on the calendar. This feature enables you to know the tasks that team members currently working on. All tasks can be monitored and controlled properly and easy to complete the target.

Nozbe Download Link: App Store and Play Store

2. Basecamp 3

There is a proverb saying One stroke at the paddle, two and three islands have passed. The proverb means to do multiple tasks at one go. The proverb is best to describe Basecamp 3 apps. The Basecamp 3 apps are not only be used as management tasks tools inside a team, but also direct collaborations with the clients. 

Basecamp 3 apps is perfect solution for the need of effective collaboration between two companies. What can you and your clients do with Basecamp 3 apps?

Basecamp 3 apps allowing clients to check deadlines, search project documents and communicate directly through the apps. 

Basecamp 3 Download Link: Play Store & App Store

3. Kintone Mobile

By using Kintone Mobile, you can manage data and communication from a smartphone! Kintone is a cloud-based apps service that helps you to manage tasks and centralize data and communication. Later, you can easily share this information with team members. 

We recommend Kintone Mobile apps for you who often working outside of the office, not to mention team members who work at the office can use this apps too. Kintone Mobile apps enable you to experience hassle-free work outside of the office. When you work from home, you will still receive status notification from a task or project.

Kintone Download Link: Play Store & App Store

4. Coffitivity

If you are a social butterfly who usually works from one cafe to another, please use the Coffitivity application. This application allegedly can boost productivity by creating a cafe-style feel in all places. With the cafe sound generator feature from the apps, you can be more focused and creative at work. 

The cool thing is, you can choose the feel of the cafe just as you want it to be. Every day you can change concepts according to your mood. For example, the nuances of cafes at lunch, fancy cafes, to the campus-style cafes! 

Coffitivity Download Link: App Store

5. Spark 

Do you receive so many e-mails a day that it is often difficult to find an e-mail from certain clients? Take it easy, with Spark apps you can do management e-mail. The apps enable it users to manage e-mails based on the priority set by users. 

That way, say goodbye to forgotten e-mails and no more searching through piles of e-mails that takes time and energy. Instead, you will only receive e-mail notifications from a recognizable sender. If e-mail is important, you can reply immediately. Composing e-mail through Spark is also possible. 

Spark Download Link: Play Store & App Store

6. Slack 

Are you having difficulties in communicating with team members during WFH? It is a shame if you still find troubles in communicating with team members since now there are plenty of communications apps that specially designed for teamwork usage.

One of the many communications apps specially designed for teamwork is Slack apps. Slack apps allow their users to directly communicate with a team member. Besides that, Slack also enables its users to communicate with all team members in a private or public channel.

Slack apps come with an AI chatbot called Slack bots. Slack bots can help you in creating and managing reminders or meetings. With Slack bots, say goodbye to the old-fashioned type of reminders. You can set your reminders by chatting with Slack bots, and Slack bots will do the work for you.

Going on vacation, going home early, sick leave, going lunch, or on an important meeting? You can set the status to let everyone know on what state you are now. Finally, You can also integrate Slack with Kintone so it can be used to its full potential.

Slack Download Link: Play Store & App Store

7. Skitch

For those of you who work in the creative industry, sharing ideas is easy with Skitch. Skitch is an application that successfully transforms whiteboard into a digital board. You can make a doodle on Skitch to explain your idea to other team members. A designer will be helped with Skitch to explain details. 

Skitch Download Link: App Store

8. Clockify

What is the best way to track employee work? Even though you can’t watch your employees directly, you can watch them through the Clockify app. The main function of this app is to track working hours.

During work hours, you can see what activities your employees or coworkers are working on. This application works in three ways, which is to fill the time manually in fields that have been prepared when the work is complete. 

Second, adding time in the timesheet and finally tracking from the beginning to the end of the work. If you want, you can also check what projects your team members are working on in the dashboard. 

Clockify Download Link: Play Store & App Store

9. Dropbox

Dropbox has become one of the timeless storage media. Since the first time it was released until now, Dropbox still strong to handled office workers’ documents, to upload and transfer data. If you going through daily struggling with large files such as photos and videos, Dropbox will surely help you. 

Data uploaded in Dropbox and then shared in the form of a link. The link can be sent to another person to be downloaded, no hassle. In this way, large files can be sent through Dropbox and say goodbye to emails. 

Dropbox Download Link: Play Store & App Store

10. Serene 

Especially for Mac users, Serene apps is available to increase productivity to the highest level! The main function of this apps is to block things that can interfere with productivity. For example, blocking social media sites and websites news so that you can stay focused on work. 

In addition, this application still has many other cool features, such as a timer that shows how much time you have left before the deadline. There are also music features to make you more relaxed and focused while working. 

Link Download Serene for MacOS

Those are our selection of 10 best apps to stay productive during work from home. AsiaQuest Indonesia team use Kintone apps and slack to help us to stay productive while working at home.

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